The 34 Best Places to Visit in the US

The best places to visit in the USA are subjective. Those who travel because they love art may not enjoy the thrills Orlando offers. Foodies might not be interested in the vast network of national parks in the United States.

This list is categorized based on specific tastes, and although many of these cities and landmarks could fit in numerous categories, each town is only listed where it works best.

What are the Best Places to Visit in the USA?

With over 66 million annual visitors, New York City is the top US tourist destination for foreign travelers. It’s easy to see why. New York City has it all.

New York City, NY

With 100 concert venues, event centers, playhouses, and museums, including the iconic Art Institute of Chicago, the Windy City is a leader in preserving and celebrating the arts.

Chicago, IL

Los Angeles is a thriving art city. With museums like the Getty Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Complex, there are plenty of opportunities to see the works of influential artists throughout history.

Los Angeles, CA

New Orleans more than any other city on the list. A mix between Cajun and Creole, New Orleans cuisine combines the best of Southern, French, and Native cooking into an exceptional culinary experience.

New Orleans, LA

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