The Best Entry Level Work From Home Jobs Story

Working from home is more and more popular and personally, I love it! My most recent job allowed me to work from home and it was great, no commute, I could work in my PJs and I was here to help the kids if they needed it.

With working from home becoming more and more popular I thought this was an excellent article to help others find some amazing work from home opportunities. Enjoy!

Are you someone who is super organized or has front desk/office management experience? Then becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) might be up your street. It’s another solid entry-level work-from-home job and (depending on your skills) it can be a good money earner.

1. Virtual Assistant

Freelance work is growing leaps and bound. It’s something you can do full-time or part-time. Heck, you could even do your work from home job and freelance on the side! Either way, there are plenty of options

2. Freelance Work

Many companies have audio and video that they need to transcribe into text. For example, podcasts often need an associated transcription that can be published online to accompany the episode.

3. Transcription

Translating is similar to transcription, but you can only take on projects if you can read/write/speak the languages that are involved. They also say that you should always transcribe into your mother tongue language (not vice-versa), so if that sounds appealing to you, consider looking into translation jobs that work from home!

4. Translation

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