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The Best Receipt Scanner App to Use in 2023's Tax Season

Mobile devices have become important tools in out life. They allow us to do so much more than just make phone calls and send text messages.

Keeping track of your expenses and having the data all in one place can save you lots of time and money during tax time.

The 10 Best Receipt Scanner App Programs


It offers basic features like invoicing, inventory control, and payroll processing. But if you want more advanced functionality, such as creating custom reports, integrating with other software packages, and managing multiple companies, you may need to upgrade to Quickbooks Pro.


If you travel frequently, Expensify makes sense as a tool for managing your receipts. It works like many other expense trackers by letting you enter transactions manually or automatically using data pulled directly off credit cards.


For businesses with fewer employees, there may only be room for one person to do their books. That’s why we love using Bench as both a personal finance manager and receipt scanner. It makes keeping up with bills, paying off debt, saving for retirement, and planning for taxes easy.

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