14 of The Best Gifts for Women in 2022

The best gifts for working moms are ones that help them unwind, help them relax, and are practical to use every day. These gifts for Mom will work for any occasion.

Audiobooks and HardCover Books for Moms

You can even get 3 free audiobooks to try it out. Audiobooks are a huge time saver for me and help me keep focused and motivated.


Is an excellent gift for mom. She can take it anywhere and have access to all her favorite books. Perfect for when she travels, goes to the beach or wants to read in bed at night without having to keep the light on.

Air Pods

The sound is so clear and they do not come out of my ears. I use these while I work out when I’m cleaning and working on my computer. Mom will love her new headphones without a doubt.

Apple Watch

I think it’s on almost every mom’s wish list. The features are amazing and it can do anything from track your steps, heart rate, give you access to so many apps and it connects to your phone of course.


Is your mom always losing things? If so this is the solution for her. Never lose anything again. This comes with a card, sticker and key fob so you can keep track of multiple items.

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