The Key To Optimal Cell Health Story

What is Usana CellSentials? They’re two powerful products that combine the importance of Minerals and Vital Antioxidants. Both products complement each other to provide your cells with the vitamins and minerals you need helping you with your total body health.

The Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidants work closely together to deliver optimal cell health. That’s why Usana offers a 28 day supply of both of these together.

Founded by Dr. Wentz, a microbiologist,  immunologist, and world-known expert on cellular health, you can trust Usana and the team of top scientists that work on delivering you a quality product for your optimal health.

Usana’s Quality

Here are just a few of the important minerals in the Core Minerals. Please see the ask the scientist site that offers you all the information on Usana products for more details.

What’s In the Core Minerals?

It helps your body absorb Calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones and supports nerve, cardiovascular, and muscle function.


Zinc is essential for your overall health. It helps your immune functions, vision, and skin health, to name a few.


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