The Top 10 Things Women Wish Other Women Would Stop Doing All Together

Get ready to explore the top 10 things that women express a desire for their fellow women to completely stop doing.

Join us as we navigate through this list, aiming to foster a supportive and empowering community among women by addressing these concerns.

Insulting Themselves

If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself!” A second shared, “Start saying, ‘Don’t talk about my friend like that!’ It’s very effective and a good reminder if we start falling into a pattern of negative mindsets.”

Using Their Issues To Invalidate Other’s Issues

“Using their issues to invalidate other’s issues,” one shared. “Just because you believe you’re suffering worse doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be upset about what I’m going through.

Asking About Societal Stereotypes

One woman shared, “Asking if/when a woman is getting engaged/getting married/having a baby/having another baby/getting back to work after having a baby, especially from older female relatives. It just doesn’t end.”

Be Nice To Your Daughter-in-Law

Make friends with your daughter-in-law. Stop being horrible about her ‘taking’ your son, and you’ll be invited to be a part of more things in their lives.