Pack your Bags, Here are the 10 Cheapest States to Live in

With many companies embracing remote work even in the post-pandemic era, more and more Americans have the option to reconsider where they live.

According to the Future Workforce Report, by 2025, 36.2 million Americans are expected to work remotely, almost double the pre-pandemic amount.

Traditionally, people were forced to live within a reasonable commute of their place of employment, but without that limitation, Americans are free to relocate based on other factors.

10 Cheapest States to Live in

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Mississippi is overall the most affordable state to live in the U.S., with a cost of living index of just 83.3, 17% cheaper than the average state.

With a population of just under 3 million, Kansas offers affordable living, coming in 13.5% cheaper than the national average.


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