3 Things You Need to do to Feel Good Everyday

Some days you don’t feel like doing anything at all and some days that’s exactly what you should do. Nothing.

It’s o.k to rest when your body is telling you that you need to but keeping these three things in your regular routine will hopefully help you feel at your best most days.

Get Outside

Get outside at least once a day and take some time to gather your thoughts, fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy it. Sometime we get cooped up inside and we start to feel down and depressed and all we need is to get a little fresh air.


Drink lots of Water

If you get into a good routine of drinking enough water each day you will feel better. There are also so many great ways to change up your water, you can add cucumbers, watermelon, anything to make drinking water a little more fun.


Move Your Body

Change up your routine and try something new. Maybe a new sport or machine at the gym, join a class, or get outside and take in the fresh air for a nice long walk.


Love Yourself

Make sure you take care of yourself so that in return you can take care of others, it’s never selfish to make yourself a priority. So many people count on you! You are a priority! XO


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