Time to Adapt an Affordable, Healthy Diet that Works

There’s no doubt you’ve noticed your grocery bill increase over the last two years. With the world in the middle of a global pandemic, your health is a priority while shopping each week.

As moms, we all want the best for our families but the rise in food costs might have you worried that you might not be able to stick to healthy food options.

A healthy mind means a healthy mindset, a healthy mindset means you have the power to manifest your dream life and accomplish any goal you set your mind to.

A Glimpse at Food

The cost of food has increased steadily for the last few years, with many turning to fast food because it’s simply the most affordable option.

Budgeting for Your Nutritious Meals

As you make an affordable healthy eating plan, it’s essential to understand what a healthy plate consists of a balance of proteins, whole grains, and vegetables.

How to Create a Healthy Eating Plan to Fit Your Budget

The following is a three-step process to create a healthy eating plan that fits your budget.


- Make sure you’re not overshopping for items - Think about breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - Take advantage of deals - Know your schedule limitations



- Keep to what’s on your shopping list - Stick to “shopping the outside” of the store - Avoid pre-chopped or pre-made meals - Price check items based on units rather than total price


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