Here’s How to Manifest Money Today – Even if You’re Not a Believer

Do I believe in the power of manifestation? Hell yes, I do. Have I manifested millions? Not yet. Here’s what I know.

Money is energy, we are energy, and by matching the energy of money and aligning ourselves with the same frequency of money we can manifest any amount of money we want.

Let’s get into steps that you can take to start manifesting money.

How to Manifest Money – 5 Steps

I like to set my intentions using the 5 W’s, who, what, where, when, and why. Asking these questions is a great place to start as you are forced to be specific in your answers.

Setting Intentions

Envisioning your abundance goals as reality is another part of the manifesting process. Visualization helps you create the reality you see for yourself.


Creating a vision or dream board is another fantastic tool that keeps your dreams and goals at the forefront of your internal thoughts.

Create a Vision or Dream Board

Stay Neutral

Staying neutral means letting go of the outcome and releasing the energy you put into the outcome you truly desire. You need to open up and accept the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Let the Timing go

It just means the ability to accept that it’s okay if your timeline has come and gone. It does not mean it won’t happen.

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