Everything You Need to Know to Rent an RV + 5 Places to Rent One

While RVing has been popular for a while, the pandemic kicked RVing into high gear. It’s a great way to connect with nature and get refreshed for your new goals. Here are the best places to rent an RV.

If you’re looking to rent an RV, search by city or state, as well as the type of RV you’re looking for. You’ll see a range of options based on your specifications.

Peer-to-Peer 1. RVshare

Outdoorsy has a very similar business model to RVshare and is also an option for international renters.

2. Outdoorsy

If you’d prefer working with a business and not private owners, then there are plenty of options for renting an RV directly from a company.

Rent an RV from a Company

Cruise America is probably the most well-known place to rent an RV. You’ve likely seen several Cruise America RVs on the road as they’re hard to miss.

1. Cruise America

El Monte RV is similar to Cruise America but has fewer locations throughout the U.S. Additionally. They are limited in that they only rent Class A and C RVs.

2. El Monte RV

The last place to rent an RV on this list is Camper Travel Bookings, which is included due to its international travel destination rental options.

3. Camper Travel Bookings

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