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Top 17 Careers That Are Terrible to Do and People Hate

Within the vast array of career options, some professions may not match the glamorous or thrilling image often associated with them. Recently, an intriguing question emerged: “

“Which job turns out to be much less enjoyable than people usually anticipate?” This thought-provoking inquiry encouraged individuals to reflect on their own insights and experiences regarding occupations that may appear enticing on the surface but prove to be far less satisfying in practice.

Top 17 Careers That Are Terrible to Do and People Hate


To begin, a user replied, “I honestly think being a streamer and a YouTuber is a lot less fun than it seems to be, but a lot of people know that by now, still tho it doesn’t seem unfun.”


Someone commented, “Oh my gosh, BUILD A BEAR. Weirdest and most frustrating thing. Granted, I didn’t make it a super long time in the job, and seeing kids so happy is great.

Food Service

A second user replied, “Being a chef. All the flare and awesomeness they show on Vice and Netflix are far from what actually happens in the industry.

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