Do you love taking vacations but hate packing? Well, you’re not alone! A recent OnePoll survey found that 65% of people have a difficult time packing for trips.

Travel Checklist:  Things To Pack

Less, stress.  Feel organized and ready to get to packing with this essential packing list.

Travel Documents – Passport and other identification – Reservations: hotel, car rental, excursions – A copy of your boarding pass – either printed or saved as a photo on your cell phone

Travel Documents Continued... – Any COVID-related documentation (test results, immunization card, etc.) – Map or guidebook – Your itinerary

Toiletries & Medication – A toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss – Hand sanitizer – Deodorant – A comb or hairbrush

Toiletries & Medication Continued.... – Hairstyling products and styling tools – Soap and face wash – Lotion and moisturizer

Travel Essentials – Cash, credit cards, and debit cards – Cellphone and charger – Sunglasses – A bag or large purse

Travel Essentials – Laundry bag for dirty clothes – Electrical converter or travel adaptor – if traveling to another country.

Entertainment – Laptop and charger – Headphones or earbuds – A camera, memory cards, and charger – Snacks – Toys or travel games – Books, magazines, or an eReader and charger – Notebook and pen

Additional Items – A towel – Your own pillow or pillowcase – A watch – A sleep-mask – Earplugs – Face-masks or face-coverings – A money belt or other anti-theft accessories

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