Uncovering the Most Common Phrases that Frustrate Men in Relationships

I was browsing a popular internet forum when I encountered a fascinating question. What’s a phrase men hate hearing from women? Here are the top-voted responses men gave for their answers.

Here are the top-voted examples.

Go Ahead, Do Whatever You Want

One user confessed, “This phrasing always makes me so anxious. I can’t always do the same thing, and sometimes I was to go out and enjoy my friends by myself.”


I’m Fine

I’m Fine is my least favorite English phrase,” confessed one. “Since English is my second language, I expected that when a girl used the word fine, she meant everything was alright.


Spaghetti pie

“A response like this reads as passive-aggressive. I used to write “K” to reply quickly, but then I had a toxic girlfriend who typed it every time she didn’t get what she wanted,” admitted another.



I Guess

“I expect a simple answer when I ask a yes or no question,” one explained. “For example, when I ask my friends where they want to eat, they always answer yes or no to my inquiry.


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