15 Ways to Move Past Bad Financial Decisions so you Can Keep Manifesting More Money

We all make bad financial decisions at some point. You don’t want to dwell on those financial decisions and allow them to create a money block.

You want to move past the wrong financial decision by learning from it and then letting it go. Dwelling on a bad financial decision will stop you from manifesting more money in the future, so you want to eliminate the negative thoughts as soon as possible.

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To break the pattern, consider putting any extra money toward the card with the highest interest rate, while paying the minimum on the rest. When that card is paid off, you can tackle the next-highest interest debt, and so, until you’re out of debt.

1. Not Paying Down Your Credit Card Debt

Putting Important Financial Decisions off to the Side

You might want to set aside time once a month to check in on your finances and make one small change that can help you get closer to your goals.

To protect your information, it can be smart to regularly check your credit reports (and report any suspicious activity immediately).

Not Protecting Personal Financial Information From Fraud

Overspending means you’re spending everything you earn (and not putting anything into savings) or, worse, you’re spending more than you’re bringing in. This can be a costly financial mistake that puts your goals further from your grasp.

Overspending While You Are Young

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