6 Simple Steps to Help Reduce Anxiety and Fear

Facing your fears is sometimes a great way to reduce them, sometimes fear is fictional and there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

Fear stems from a fight or flight response in us to protect us from being hurt, it’s a natural feeling that we all have in some shape or form.

Learning to pay attention to your fears will make a big difference in you choosing between staying away from something or someone to stay safe.

Why Does Anxiety Cause Fear?

Sometimes anxiety can feel so bad that you feel your heart rate increase and you might even experience physical pain. I always try to remind myself of all the good things I have in my life, all the things that bring me joy, and that everything will be ok.

How to Reduce Your Anxiety

The things that are listed here are ways that I have been able to reduced minor symptoms of fear and anxiety. They do not replace medical advice.

How Can I Reduce Anxiety Quickly?

For me, the fastest way to reduce anxiety is to breathe. Taking a moment to recognize that I’m dealing with anxiety and allowing myself time to breathe lets my mind calm down a bit.

What Makes You Anxious?

I have found that feeling anxious comes from a lack of control for me. Situations where I don’t have control over my children make me anxious, like a rollercoaster ride, them being out with friends for the first time unsupervised, when they get sick.

Living with Anxiety and Fear

I’ve learned to rationalize my fear and really decide if it’s just fear out of habit and panic, or if it’s a fear I need to push through and not allow it to take something from my life.

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