How to Reduce Mom Stress

All Moms have days like this and all Moms are o.k to want to escape and have a break. We all want to be a better Mom and a calm Mom. Try these tips to reduce your Mom stress.

Find Your Peace

I feel so much better when I take this time to myself and pump myself back up. This one requires you to tell the kids and hubby that you need some time to yourself, and that is o.k!

Deep Breathing

I find taking deep breaths help me so much, especially if I’m outside. Make sure you are taking deep breaths and releasing all your air and then bringing it all back in.

Pray or Talk to the Universe

Repeating positive mantras like this will help you feel better almost immediately. You are going to be surprised and how much positive come into your life.

Play a Game

Sometimes when I am really stressed out and feel like I just need a quick mental escape I will turn to a game on my phone or computer.

Relax Your Muscles

Start at the tip of your head and work your way slowly down to your toes. Relax each muscle one by one. Focus on every muscle, inch by inch.

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