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Ways You Can Improve Your Credit Score Today

A good credit score can make a real difference in your life, whether it’s getting a loan, buying a car, or renting an apartment.

And according to Forbes, a good credit score saves you about $35,000 per $100,000 you borrow for a mortgage.

If you are trying to improve your credit score, it’s essential to know what a good credit score is and the steps to getting one. This post will cover what affects your credit score, how to improve it, as well as the best way to check your score.

Ways to Improve Your Credit Score


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Drink lots of Water

Organizing your bill payments so that you make every payment on time is one of the best ways to increase your score, as payment history makes up the most significant percentage of your credit score.

Get a Handle on Your Bill Payments


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According to Value Penguin, “One of the factors lenders consider when modeling an individual’s credit risk is their credit utilization — the percentage of total available credit a consumer is using month to month.”

Don’t Use Up All Your Credit


If you have various debt sources that need repaying, consider consolidating them all into one payment with a debt consolidation loan.

Consider Debt Consolidation

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