Wedding Rings – How to Choose the Perfect One You’ll Both Absolutely Love

Congratulations! You’re on your way to getting married and saying “I Do.” You might be needing some help in choosing a wedding ring for yourself or your significant other.

Let's discuss things that you can take into consideration so you can eliminate some options from the long list of wedding rings you can buy.

I hope this article makes things a little easier to balance as you continue life while planning a wedding.

Types of Wedding Rings

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Plain Wedding Band

A plain wedding band is a simple ring made of gold, silver, or platinum. Plain bands are the most popular type of wedding ring and are often customized by using a unique or modern metal.

An eternity ring, sometimes called an infinity ring, is a band that is encrusted with diamonds or other precious stones. A full-eternity ring features a continuous circle of stones while a half-eternity ring has only the upper side of the ring adorned with stones.

Eternity Ring

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