What Do Angel Numbers Mean Story

You’ve seen it before, a sequence of repetitive numbers that pop up on your phone, on a license plate, reading the newspaper, or on a billboard.

It could look like numbers 222 or numbers 333 or, my favorite, time of day 1111. You could see repetitive number sequences anywhere and at any time. Your daily coffee/bagel order totals $4.44, or your favorite shampoo is marked down to $5.55. It may be frequent or infrequent sightings, but each time it happens, you think to yourself. “What might this mean?”

Let me tell you this. These are not showing up by coincidence.

What are Angel Numbers?

What you are seeing are Angel Numbers. Angel numbers work with the principles of numerology, which believes that each number connects to specific vibrational frequencies. They are messages from the divine, a meaningful way Angels communicate with you in the physical world.

Why Are They Important?

Each sequence has a sacred meaning, and I will share what each means in an upcoming blog. In the meantime, it is crucial to stop and pay attention to what you are doing when you see the repeated sequence of numbers.

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