What is a Paradigm and How It Can Change Change Your Life for the Better

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Have you ever heard of the word Paradigm? It refers to something not in the physical world but is a theory or structure of thinking like “science,” “math,” or the world being round.

It’s not something you can see or something that exists but something created or put in place to help us with what we see and interpret in our lives.

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Paradigm is used in the revolution of science quite often and was founded by a physicist and philosopher of science named Thomas Kuhn.

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Where did the Term Paradigm Come From?

Thomas Kuhn came up with the term. He wrote a book called The Structure of Scientific Revolutions in 1962.

What is the Definition of a Paradigm?

the definition of Paradigm is “a model of something or an obvious and typical example of something.” Swipe Up for Full Details

A Paradigm Shift A paradigm shift is a dramatic new way of thinking or seeing something.

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