What Is a Timeshare and What It Isn’t: Real Talk from a Happy Owner of 15

It’s a legal contract and long-term financial decision that you should thoroughly understand and think through before buying.

The timeshare industry offers various products to match people’s different lifestyles and vacation preferences. There are 9.9 million U.S households (and 22 million worldwide) that own one or more types of timeshares.

What Is a Timeshare Ownership?

This type of timeshare ownership means you have the right to use a particular room type a specific week every year.

1. A Fixed Week

A floating week timeshare means that you aren’t guaranteed the same week every year for vacation; you need to call the resort to reserve a room.

2. A Floating Week

Based on your purchase package, owners receive a set number of points a year that act as currency they can use to make resort reservations within their timeshare chain.

3. An Allotment of Points

Instead of just a week or a set amount of points, we hold a larger piece of a specific unit at a particular resort.

4. Fractional Ownership

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