Budgeting with a Positive Money Mindset

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At some point in our lives, we’ve all worried about money. If you have a good grasp on budgeting, you have the power to have a healthy mindset about money, and you can achieve financial success.

Our money mindset could be what is holding us back. Money is not a bad thing and shouldn’t be looked at as a negative thing. Let’s start manifesting the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Try to analyze your feelings towards money and ask yourself if you have any negative feelings. Abundance affirmations are a great way to train your mind to have a positive money mindset.

Budgeting Introduction: Budgeting allows aligning your spending with your hopes and dreams. It is tough to know how you are doing and if you are on the right path unless you track your progress.

Why Having a Budget is Essential: It is about having your money represent what is important to you. When you start tracking where your money is going, you might be surprised by your spending.

How we Manage our Monthly Budget.  There are lots of options as far as how to manage a budget. Each has its benefits and cons. The key elements that make this successful for us:

1. Auto pulls in transactions from our spending accounts to see how much money we have left in each category. 2. Their mobile and website app allows you to add “pending” transactions.

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