What Parenting Style are You? Parenting Styles - Pros and Cons to Each

There are 4 parenting styles, and they each come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

As a parent, you want to be nurturing and provide guidance for your kids, and it can be hard to find a balance between setting strict rules or not having enough rules.

Here are some pros and cons of some parenting styles. You don’t have to place yourself in one specific category. You might find yourself in more than one parenting style and that’s ok.

Authoritarian Parenting

PRO:authoritarian parents are typically very consistent and clear in their expectations, making it easier for children to understand what they need to do.

CON: children of authoritative parents might have limited autonomy and are not given the space to develop and explore their ideas and preferences.

Permissive Parenting

PRO:Children of permissive parents foster a close relationship between parent and child. Because permissive parents are typically more responsive than demanding, children often feel loved and supported.

CON: Permissive parenting can create an environment of chaos and inconsistency. If rules are not well-defined, children may become confused or even misbehave.

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Authoritative Parenting

PRO:authoritative parenting encourages children to become responsible members of society by building strong social and emotional skills. Kids raised authoritatively are more likely to have good self-esteem, high levels of emotional intelligence, and strong interpersonal skills.

CON: On the other hand, it can sometimes be difficult for parents in authoritative households to consistently set clear boundaries and enforce rules. Additionally, parent-child relationships that are overly dependent on a shared sense of authority can sometimes breed resentment or bitterness if the child feels restricted or controlled by their parents.

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