Here's Why Playing Wordle is Good for You Story

Wordle is a viral word game that has taken the social media world by storm.

Wordle is a daily word puzzle that gives you a five-letter word to guess. There are no hints. You get a new game each day and 5 tries to get it right.


Here’s How it Works:

You can find the daily word puzzle online and play it every day. You get 5 attempts at figuring out the word. You start by guessing a five-letter word. The puzzle will then show you if your letters are in the word or the correct spot.

Here's Why Playing Wordle is Good for You Story

Provides a Distraction  Maybe you’ve got a big project due at work or dealing with personal issues at home.  Whatever the case may be, it can be helpful to take a break and clear your head.

Improve Cognitive Function

Stress can sometimes cause mental fatigue. If you feel like your brain needs a workout, try playing Wordle.

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Offers Quiet Time

In addition to being a great distraction, playing Wordle can also provide you with some much-needed quiet time.

Thinking Clearly

Another benefit of Wordle is that it can help you think more clearly. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, your thoughts can feel jumbled and chaotic.

When you’re stressed, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like there’s no way out. But when you take the time to play Wordle, you’re allowing yourself to see things from a different perspective.

Improved Mental Flexibility

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