Working from Home? 5 Ways to Build an Productive Home Office Story

Many of us are working from home now and returning to in-office work might not be happening anytime soon. It can be tricky to find that balance between work and home hours so I thought this article was perfect for anyone looking to feel more organized and boost productivity at home.

Companies across the country are embracing flexible work options to help avoid spreading the virus inside of offices. But, too many people are working in unproductive environments at home, like the dinner table, couch, or even their bedrooms. It could be killing your performance.

The single best technique to building a productive office is to choose the right location. This means your dinner table or family room is out of the question.

1. Just like in real estate, location, location, location

No, that 20-year-old folding chair that you bring out for extra seating during backyard summer BBQs isn’t “good enough”. Remember, you’ll likely be sitting in your office chair for several hours during the day. Don’t skimp on this critical piece of equipment.

2. Invest in a comfortable chair

One of the biggest drawbacks to using your family room or dinner table is that those areas don’t feel like an office. And believe it or not, putting yourself into a professional workspace can help you be more productive. It separates you from the rest of your living space and puts you into the right frame of mind for a day of work.

3. Make your workspace feel like an office

Lifehack wrote that standing can double your productivity. And, I agree. Not only will standing up get your blood flowing, but it also lets you move around a bit more. Sitting is related more to relaxation while standing is associated with work, Lifehack argues.

4. Use an adjustable desk for sitting and standing

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