5 Ways to Build an Ultra-Productive Home Office

Many of us are working from home now and returning to in-office work might not be happening anytime soon. It can be tricky to find that balance between work and home hours so I thought this article was perfect for anyone looking to feel more organized and boost productivity at home.

1. Just like in real estate, location, location, location

Whenever possible, choose a room in your house and dedicate it as your home office. Extra points if the room has a locking door to help keep potential distractions at bay. Bringing in natural light from windows is best but that won’t always be possible.

2. Invest in a comfortable chair

Invest in a high-quality chair that provides lumbar support. I like chairs with armrests and high back support, but that’s also a personal preference. Instead of browsing Amazon for chairs, go to a local office supply store and sit in a few chairs to get a feel for what you find comfortable.

3. Make your workspace feel like an office

How can you make your workspace feel more like an office? Your office chair and a proper workstation are first. But, shelving and pictures on the wall also help. I’m a fan of floating shelves that mount neatly on the wall rather than larger pieces of furniture, but of course, that will be up to you and your preferences.

4. Use an adjustable desk for sitting and standing

Lifehack wrote that standing can double your productivity. And, I agree. Not only will standing up get your blood flowing, but it also lets you move around a bit more. Sitting is related more to relaxation while standing is associated with work, Lifehack argues.

5. Enforce “working hours”

Be sure that your family understands your working hours. These are the hours that you should not be disturbed for any reason  Note that this can be more difficult than it seems. To help reinforce your working hours with your family, be consistent and direct. 

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