Yield Crowd Review: Is Tokenized Real Estate a Good Investment?

A passive income investment with a potential 8.75% return seems too good to be true. However, brothers Amariah and Obin Olsen, co-founders of Yield Crowd, are reaching these return heights with investments in real estate.

The company Yield Crowd is an online portal that offers the world’s first diversified portfolio of real estate tradeable on the Stellar blockchain in the United States by buying and selling tokens backed by corporate bonds.

Yield Crowd Review: Is Tokenized Real Estate a Good Investment?

The following are reasons why Yield Crowd should be considered a secure investment:

Is Yield Crowd a Secure Investment?

The Olson brothers currently hold a portfolio worth $50 million in institutional class assets. They have completed over twenty real estate investments in office, residential and multifamily, and retail properties, which they privately financed using their equity and institutional debt.

1. The Co-founders Have a Proven Track Record

The fact that Yield Crowd has been able to secure a sizable bank loan worth $45 million is a strong indication that the company is creditworthy, meaning the banks are confident that Yield Crowd will be able to repay the loan easily.

2. Yield Crowd Has Secured a Bank Loan

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