Track Your New Habit to Make it a Part of Your Routine Story

There are many reasons you might want to start tracking your habits. It might be that you want to start incorporating healthy habits into your routine, it could be that you’re trying to implement more work-life balance and want to add priorities to your day.

Here’s a question to consider: Are you happy with your daily habits and how you feel each day? If the answer is no then a habit tracker might be just what you need.

A habit tracker allows you to track habits so you can see where you’d like to improve in your life.

Some start tracking their habits to see where there might be room to incorporate a healthy habit like increasing water intake or working out.

It could also be that you want to prioritize some family time and so you might start tracking something like making dinner with the family. Or reading a story to the kids. Your habit tracker can serve you in many different ways.

Your Habit Tracker

Tracking your daily habits will help you identify which ones you need to work on and could give you ideas on what you want to incorporate into your printable habit tracker.

What Should I Put on my Habit Tracker?

What you put on your daily tracker is up to you. Any habit that is important to you, or you want to start is worth tracking. I’ll list some daily habits you can use on your monthly habit tracker below but you can track almost anything.

Options Are Endless

You could also use this to keep on your fridge at home so everyone can see the daily chores that need to be done at home each day. This could be used to keep track of homework and projects. the options are endless.

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