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10 AMAZING LIFE HACKS for Women That You’ve Never Thought of

Ladies, if you love a good life hack, this post is for you. We’re always trying to find ways to make our lives easier so why not ask women what their favorite life hacks are?

We’ve compiled a top-ten list of practical and valuable life hacks voted on by women just like you. Enjoy!

10 AMAZING LIFE HACKS for Women That You’ve Never Thought of

Try Conditioner Instead of Shaving Creams

“I find shaving cream unhelpful, but when I exfoliate and use conditioner, I get no razor bumps,” shared one.

Keep Essentials in Your Car

A third user added, “Keep a backup purse or toiletries bag in your car dash filled with basics: deodorant, perfume, basic makeup, glasses cleaner, mini toothbrush and toothpaste, mini brush, some cash, etc.”

“Have all your body measurements written in your smartphone notes—feet length, standard bust-waist-hip, height, wrist girth, finger girths, etc. Update them once a year or when your body changes,” one suggested.

Know Your Body Measurements Before Shopping Online

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