Modern Day Products That People Swear Are The Dumbest In The World

Product design can be tricky; sometimes, even the most experienced designers miss the mark, leaving us with head-scratching moments.

We’ve scoured a Reddit thread where users shared their experiences with poorly designed products, and some designs could use a second thought.

Beeping Appliances

When designing a microwave or a dishwasher, many people need a “beep” to know the food is done or the wash cycle has ended.

E-mail Search Bars

Many people do not understand why these things exist. They are constantly typing in email addresses or subjects they know are in their inbox and are just coming up with empty results. Some even say they get emails from the early 2000s instead of the most recent ones!

Shower Doors

If you ever lived in a home or an apartment with shower doors that slide and overlap, then you know the struggle.

Mac and Cheese Box

Many of us are blue box kids, and on the side of those boxes is a perforated semi-circle where you are supposed to open it. However, it is almost impossible to open, and even after opening it, you still need to open the box at the top to get the cheese packet out.