8 Simple ways to achieve your goals

8 Ways to Crush Your Goals

Setting your goals can sometimes be challenging and intimidating. Most of us want to take advantage of a new year to better ourselves, grow and achieve your goals. It’s so easy to set your goals but it’s another thing to achieve your goals. We need more action than just saying your goals to yourself, you need a plan to actually achieve those goals. Setting goals and achieving them is something you can do right now for 2019. I’m giving you my 8 Simple Ways to Achieve your Goals right here. Knowing how to achieve your goals will make all the difference in your life and here’s how you can get started. Get out there and be that Mom Boss!

Past New Year Goals

Every year I make it a point to set new goals. The main ones that come to mind are, quit smoking, work out, lose weight. Those are definitely the most common ones that I can remember but the last few years I’ve changed my mind setting and I’ve focused on goals that I can achieve and instead of trying to totally change my life I’ve started to pick one goal. Most time when you focus on one goal and you see it happening and you’re actually achieving your goal you are more focused and loving it that you try to achieve more in other aspects of your life. For example. If I start to work out, I start to take my multi vitamin, I eat better, I’m more productive because I have more energy and I pay attention to my water intake. Just by working out all these other avenues of my life start to change because I feel better and I want to keep doing things to feel better. Another tip that I have to get onto this post is read, reading can fire me up when I’m feeling down or unmotivated. This is the book I’m reading right now and I highly recommend it. It’ll fire you up and get you on track to believe in yourself! Check it out!

Crush your goals! Achieve anything!
Crush your Mom Boss Goals

8 Simple Ways to set and Achieve Your Goals

  • Visualize It
  • Believe It
  • Write it Down
  • Break it Down
  • Look at it Everyday
  • Commit
  • Celebrate Small Wins
  • Believe in Yourself

Visualize It

You have to picture your goal already being accomplished, picture it in your mind and feel it. There’s something about taking the time to really feel it and picture it that really makes you feel like you can do it. I always think. to myself, if I can feel what this will feel like, I can totally accomplish it too. Achieving your goals is a long journey but you can and should already feel what it would be like to have set your goals and already achieved them. Take the time to picture it in your mind, what do you see? How do you feel? What do you look like? What are your surroundings. Imagining things like this sets you up for success and reminds you why you set your goal in the first place. Set your goals, then visualize your goals.

Believe It

There’s a difference between picturing it and believe it. Believing it means that you’re no longer worried about what people think, what they’ll say, or anything else that keeps you from achieving your goals. You believe it with every fibre of your being that nothing will stand in your way. Believe it like you’re already there. Believe it so much you feel it in your bones. If I look back at times in my life that I had a big decision or goal that I just knew was going to happen, I can remember people talking behind my back, people saying it’ll never work but you know what, it didn’t even phase me. I kept on going because I just knew it would work out. At the time I didn’t pay much attention to the set backs and whisper around me. Looking back now I can clearly remember them but at the time nothing swayed me from reaching that goal. I just knew in my gut it would work out, I did everything to prepare, I calculated everything and it all worked out and truly believe it’s because I wouldn’t allow myself to see it any other way. I truly believe that the way we think and what we believe changes your prospective on things, I’m sure there were things that happened that to someone else might have looked like a set back but to me it didn’t. You will never get from point A to point B without some detours, no’s, or obstacles, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on your way.

Write it Down

It’s been said that if you write something down it’s more likely to happen. Writing down your goals solidifies it in a way, holds you a bit more accountable for that goal. It almost makes it feel real. You’ve thought about it, visualized it, believed it. You’ve probably thought about a path you’ll take to get there and now you’re ready to take some action and write it down. I have a journal that I write in once in a while. Anytime that the idea hits me to write in it I do and it almost always about my goals. It’s like a gratitude journal but I also write down any goals I want to achieve or I write down where I am right now with my goals. It is the coolest thing to come back to that journal and read past entries. It really allows you to see how far you’ve come. So many times I look back and I think, “oh that’s right! I hadn’t even made it that far yet” Or I think, “wow my goals were so different back then.” It’s a great reflection piece and a motivator to see just how much you’ve changed and how far you’ve come. If you don’t have a goals journal yet start one. You’ll love it.

Break it Down

You need a plan. Remember, your plan will most likely change. Things will come up, goals will shift, obstacles will show up, and you’ll get a lot of no’s along your way. That’s ok. Still, I highly recommend a plan. Think of it as a guide. Break your goal down into smaller pieces. Step by step as you see it now, even though this might change write down all the small steps you’ll need to get where you want. Breaking it down into smaller pieces will allow you to take it one step at a time. If you only focus on the big end result goal you might find yourself feeling unmotivated sometimes because it feels so far away. Break it down so you can celebrate the small steps and the small achievements, that will keep you motivated to keep going.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Once you hit a small goal, a small step forward. Celebrate it. Even the smallest of steps deserves recognition from you and gratitude. It’s all these small steps that will get you where you want to go. Nothing is done in one big leap and nothing is achieved without a million other small steps being taken first. Keep yourself motivated my always checking back to give thanks and recognize how far you’ve come from day one of setting your mom boss goal. Setting goals and making them happen is a huge accomplishment, celebrate every step of the way girl!

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Look at it Everyday

We all have days where we don’t feel motivated and that’s ok. One thing that help with feeling unmotivated is to have it written somewhere that you will be able to see it everyday. Write it and stick it up on the fridge, make a dream board and put it somewhere that you’ll be able to see it when you wake up. Write it down and frame in on your bedside table. It’s amazing what happens when you start off your day looking at that goal you are on your way to achieve. Your thoughts are everything! Start them off the right way each and everyday. If you see your goal, you’ll start thinking about that goal and how it’ll feel and that will launch you into day full of motivation, energy and positive thinking.


Nothing comes easy, commit to your dream and make it happen! There will be days that no matter what you do, you’ll feel unmotivated and unwilling to work on your goal but push through! You’ll have to push through many times in order to get yourself where you need to be. You’re going to have to feel uncomfortable, growth comes from conquering fear, trying new things and just going for it. Commit to that mom boss goal, crush your goal and rock it!

Believe in Yourself

This step kinda ties in with some of the other steps above but I think it deserves it’s now section. It’s not that you have to only believe in your goal and feel it but make sure you are giving yourself credit too. Believe that you can do it. You will make this happen because you are determined, smart, motivated and you’re going to crush your mom boss goals girl! Set those goals and achieve them no matter what! Believe in you! You’re worth it!

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8 Simple Ways to Achieve Your Goals

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