Will Millennials Ever Be Able To Enjoy Retirement? Possibly Not, And Here’s Why!

Retirement age for many Boomers is right around the corner, with the final year of baby boomers was 1964.


One Redditor said, “Living in a van down by the river….”Another Redditor said, “We won’t be able to afford rent on our retirement, so I’ll be in a homeless shelter.”


Dorm Living

One user replied, “We’ll be living in college-like dorms because that’s about the size of an apartment our retirements will afford us,”


Past Your Prime

A user grimly pointed out, “My guess is that by then, the retirement age will be in your late 70s or early 80s.  You will probably drop dead at work before you retire.”



One Redditor wrote, “You may be “retired,” but you will still have to work to live.” Another said, “Let’s be real. You’ll be retired. You won’t retire.”


Communal Workspace

One Redditor said, “Your retirement housing will have a call center where you have to work to help pay for your retirement.”


Start ASAP

One user advised, “Millennials and the like must take their retirement into their own hands. Start with not counting on any government pension.


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