Usana CellSentials

Usana CellSentials 

What is Usana CellSentials? They’re two powerful products that combine the importance of Minerals and Vital Antioxidants. Both products complement each other to provide your cells with the vitamins and minerals you need helping you with your total body health.

The Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidants work closely together to deliver optimal cell health. That’s why Usana offers a 28 day supply of both of these together. 

**Please note this is not health or medical advice, always speak to your doctor before starting any new nutritional and physical program. Adults require a certain amount of calories each day. Be sure to do your research and speak to your doctor to know what’s best for you.

Usana has a very high-quality reputation and offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. How amazing is that!?

Usana’s Quality 

Founded by Dr. Wentz, a microbiologist,  immunologist, and world-known expert on cellular health, you can trust Usana and the team of top scientists that work on delivering you a quality product for your optimal health. 

What are the Benefits of Usana CellSentials?

CellSentials are so much more than a multivitamin. They provide you with essential minerals and vitamins, but they also help trigger your body cells’ natural abilities to respond to stress and keep your cells healthy. This is because of their patented Incelligence Technology. After a month of using CellSentials, you will feel a difference in your body. The quality of Usana products is held to a very high standard. 

12 Ways CellSentials Benefit your Health:

  1. Helps You Manage Stress
  2. Immune System
  3. Cardiovascular System
  4. Skin and Nails
  5. Brain
  6. Eyes
  7. Cell Health
  8. Nervous System
  9. Bones and Joints
  10. Muscle Tissue
  11. Thyroid
  12. Liver
  13. Metabolism
  14. Energy

What’s In the Core Minerals?

Here are just a few of the important minerals in the Core Minerals. Please see the ask the scientist site that offers you all the information on Usana products for more details. 


It helps your body absorb Calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones and supports nerve, cardiovascular, and muscle function. 


For healthy teeth, bones and muscles, and nerve function. 


Iodine helps you with the production of thyroid hormones. This helps you with your metabolism and many other functions. 


Zinc is essential for your overall health. It helps your immune functions, vision, and skin health, to name a few.  


Helps your body produce glutathione. Important for your thyroid and metabolism. 


Support brain function and also helps support your bones, arteries and other organs. 

What’s in the Vita-Antioxidant? 

Here are a few of the vitamins in Vita Antioxidant and their benefits. 

Vitamin A

Helps maintain a strong heart, immune function, eye and lung health. 

Vitamin C 

Essential for making collagen. Helps maintain healthy veins, arteries, and muscles. Great for your bones, teeth, and skin. 

B Vitamins 

Great for cardiovascular health, brain and nerve function. Helps reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Coenzyme Q10

Keeps your cells full of energy. It also acts as powerful antioxidant protection helping you with stress. 

Why Take Both? 

When taken together, they provide you with the vitamins and minerals you need for optimal cellular nutrition; essential building blocks your body needs to keep your cells healthy, and phytonutrients to help fight against stress. 

When is the Best Time to Take Usana CellSentials?

Usana CellSentials are to be taken in the morning and evening with food. If you miss a morning or afternoon, continue. Even having one a day will help your body get some important nutrients for your body’s cells. 


How often can you take Usana CellSentials?

Twice a day is the recommended dose for Usana CellSentials. Always remember to speak to your doctor before taking new vitamins and supplements.  

Is Usana CellSentials Effective?

Yes, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the minerals and vitamins your body needs. CellSentials not only give you a high-quality vitamin but also help trigger your body’s natural abilities to keep your cells healthy. 

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