Love Yourself and Feel Good!

Do you ever have days where you just feel blah, you don’t have any motivation and your body feels sluggish? Of course, we all do! I have three great things for us to all do each day to feel better everyday. These tips help perk you up and you feel great!

Some days you don’t feel like doing anything at all and some days that’s exactly what you should do. Nothing. It’s o.k to rest when your body is telling you that you need to but keeping these three things in your regular routine will hopefully help you feel at your best most days.

Also remember that sometimes if you just give yourself a little push, you will almost always be glad you did, these three things very rarely make me feel regret afterwards, I almost always feel so glad I got up and made them a priority. If you can get started on these three things early in the day, you will be amazed at how much more energy you’ll have.

fresh air is a great way to feel good!
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Get Outside

I think this one is definitely one you’ll never regret doing. Even just sitting outside for a few minutes, if nothing else will make you feel great. Breath in that fresh air, take some deep breaths and take a moment to relax, and unwind. Clear your head. If you can sneak out for your morning coffee, do it, if you can go for a walk outside, do it. Get outside at least once a day and take some time to gather your thoughts, fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy it. Sometime we get cooped up inside and we start to feel down and depressed and all we need is to get a little fresh air.

Drink lots of Water

I’ll be the first to admit that I have trouble with this one. If you get into a good routine of drinking enough water each day you will feel better. There are so many benefits to drinking water it’s crazy! I’ve heard that you should be sipping water all day, small sips all day to stay hydrated and so that your body absorbs all of the fluid. There are also so many great ways to change up your water, you can add cucumbers, watermelon, anything to make drinking water a little more fun. How much water do you drink in a day? I heard half of your body weight in water is a good goal.

Move Your Body

drinking water helps you feel good and hydrated

It’s as easy as it sounds, Move. Your. Body. Doesn’t matter how, for 30 minutes each day make it a priority to move your body. Go for a jog, play a sport, go for a walk or hike, do a work out. It really doesn’t matter how but once you get moving you always feel better. It’s so important to get our blood pumping and heart rate up a little bit each day. You’ll never regret it. It might take a little will power to get started but you’ll be glad you did. Sometimes we just need to force ourselves to get going, it’s hard but well worth the extra effort to get up and get moving. Change up your routine and try something new. Maybe a new sport or machine at the gym, join a class, or get outside and take in the fresh air for a nice long walk.

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Love Yourself

It’s so important to take the time to make sure we are making ourselves a priority! We cannot be the moms we want to be if we are always running on empty. The saying goes “You can’t fill from an empty cup” It’s so true, you won’t have much to give if you’re always running on fumes. Make sure you take care of yourself so that in return you can take care of others, it’s never selfish to make yourself a priority. So many people count on you! You are a priority! XO

If you need some extra tips to stay motivated check out some easy affirmations.

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  1. These things also help me feel better. Thanks for the post.

  2. These are great! I am working very hard on loving myself. It is a work in progress but definitely helps!

  3. I have a hard time with self care. Thank you for these tips. I will incorporate them into my schedule.

  4. Great post. I find that I feel so much better when I’m hydrated!

  5. TitleFreeMom says:

    Me too! Yet it’s so easy to overlook!

  6. TitleFreeMom says:

    So glad to hear it girl! Sometimes it’s hard to put ourselves first but we really should make self care a priority!

  7. TitleFreeMom says:

    It’s hard to do sometimes but we must keep trying! xo

  8. TitleFreeMom says:

    I’m glad you liked it! xo

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