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That’s right, one easy way to feel happier right away! Feeling down and in a rut is a terrible feeling. It happens to us all and sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out of it. This has happened to me so many times and still does from time to time. When I go through times like these I always find myself thinking negatively and it just makes things so much worse for me.

Feel Happier Right Now
Feel Happier Right Now

A Little About Me and My Journey

All my life I have battled with these feelings of negativity and sadness. From a very young age, I’ve always had to pay attention to my emotions and where my thoughts were because I’ve always been afraid of getting depressed. My mother suffered from depression for the majority of my childhood and it caused me to be very careful and mindful of my feelings. To this day, I am so scared that one day I’ll slip into depression. I’ve seen depression at it’s worse and I know how hard it can be to pull yourself out of it and I’ve experienced just how hard it is for the people around someone who is battling depression. I’m not saying everyone can stop from suffering from depression but I do believe that positivity and some tricks can help you be more aware of how you’re feeling and hopefully can help you know when you seek help or make you feel better. Through many years of trying to be happy, and focusing on my thoughts I’ve found a great way to help you feel happier instantly.

One Easy Way to Feel Happier instantly

Ready? TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Fill your lungs with as much air as you can and then let the air out slowly. As you do this think of something positive, anything at all, think of one thing that brings you happiness or peace. Picture that in your mind, talk to yourself slowly about it as your lungs release all the air from your body. Picture all your anxiety and worries leaving your body as you exhale that breath. Feel better? We instantly feel better when we take a few seconds for ourselves and our thoughts, but those thoughts have to be positive ones.

Change Your Thoughts

Sometimes, when we’re having a bad day or experiencing bad thoughts, if we take a moment to realize our negative feelings and then do something about them we can almost always turn our feelings into positive ones and leave that moment of negativity feeling better. The more you start to become aware of your feelings and thoughts, the faster you’ll come to recognize when you’re thinking negatively and you can stop, take a breath and change your mood and emotions for the better. Your day will greatly improve if you start practicing this trick anytime you can.

The Benefits of Practising this EXERCISE

A simple exercise like taking a deep breath can do so many things for you.

  1. It makes you take a few moments to focus on your breath. It’s not often you take a moment for yourself to think, reflect and just listen to yourself.
  2. Force yourself to think of something positive instead of continuing your negative state.
  3. You have a few moments to focus on something positive that will help you feel happier.
  4. More times than not that one positive thought will turn into another positive thought, and another and another. Look around you! There is positivity everywhere you look.
  5. Taking deep breaths helps you calm down, focus, and gives you a chance to move on with your day feeling more focused and aware of your thoughts.
  6. Recite some positive mantras. Guys, this is so powerful. Reciting mantras throughout the day when you catch yourself feeling down or lost or sad will help you so much! There is nothing negative that can come from you saying your mantras and sending those thoughts and vibes to the universe! ( more on in a post to come ) Say your mantras, believe them, feel them!
One way to feel better right now
Change your thoughts, change your life.

Be Open to Change and Positivity

The more we focus on our thoughts and the more we practice the breathing that I just mentioned above the more you will find yourself stopping those negative thoughts to think of something positive. You’ll think negative thoughts less and less, you’ll think positive thoughts more often and you’ll feel happier more and more each day. Be open to feeling better, be open to this practice and you will see that things will look brighter, you’ll look and feel happier and the world around you will reward your positivity.

Keep a Happiness Journal

I love having a happiness journal, every morning I try to write down five things I am grateful for, how I’m feeling that day and one mantra that I want to use that day. I also write down any workout that I did or what I did that day to be active. It’s great to look back and read these entries but what’s more important is that it sets your intentions for that day. By writing in a happiness journal as soon as you wake up you start your day off right, with positive, motivating thoughts and it changes your day right then and there. Since I have started my happiness journal ( you don’t have to call it that ) my husband has started one too. I’m working on encouraging my boys to start one too so it can help them start to pay attention to their thoughts and for them to set their intentions in the morning as well.

I strongly encourage you to try this deep breathing exercise for yourself, see how you feel and what it does for you.

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Now that you’re feeling happier maybe you’re looking for a little motivation?

Feel Happier Right Now

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