Usana Reset

What is the Usana Reset Program?

The Usana Reset Program was made to help you jumpstart healthy routines and your results by helping you create healthy habits in just 5 days. During the fix days, you eat balanced, low-glycemic foods, which can help you control cravings and help you lose weight without feeling hungry. It is supposed to help you avoid unhealthy foods all day long. 

Benefits of Doing the Five Day Usana Reset

Reduce your sugar and carb cravings, reduce inflammation and bloating, feel more energy, sleep better and raise your frequency! Start a new healthy lifestyle habit with good eating habits with this reset kit. 

The meal replacement shakes will help you feel full and the supplement packs are ensuring that you’re getting the vitamins and supplements you need to feel your best. A great way to support healthy eating habits. 

Here’s How the 5 Day Reset Works.

This reset box comes with everything you need to incorporate smoothies, probiotics, and vitamins into your daily routine while also helping you feel better, reduce bloat and sugar cravings. Here’s what you do for the 5 day reset: 

  • Replace one or two of your daily meals with meal replacement shakes. Eat a healthy dinner.
  • Take your vitamin packs
  • Eat whole food snacks and one meal during the day.
  • Workout each day for 20 minutes. 
  • Drink lots of water. 

Daily Reset Meal Replacement Shake Review

I have tried all three meal replacement shakes and although I can drink all three easily my favorite is the Dutch Chocolate flavor. I love adding some extra fruit to mine like a banana but it is so good on its own with a little ice. Creamy milkshake style! 

The meal replacement shakes keep me feeling full and help with my sugar cravings. I feel great after my shake and use them regularly even when I’m not participating in a 5 day reset. 

The meal replacement shakes are a part of my routine now, they keep me feeling full, taste great and help me make better choices when I consume them.

For me, when I move my body and have a shake I tend to feel good and remember to take my vitamins and eat healthier.

What you Get in the Usana Reset Package/Guide 

Here’s what you get in the five-day reset kit. 

  • 15 single-serve meal replacement shakes. You can choose from a multi-pack of 8 Dutch Chocolate, 7 French Vanilla. Get all of one flavor or you can pick the Usana Nutrimeal Free shake which is a plant based option formulated without added soy, dairy, egg, or gluten. 
  • 5 Usana probiotic pouches to keep your stomach healthy with the two strains of good bacteria to keep your gut working at its best. 
  • 5 AM and 5 PM packs of vitamins and supplements to make sure you’re getting excellent nutrients into your body. These packs include CellSentials, MagneCal D, power-packed CellSentials Booster made with InCelligence technology. 
  • Guide and brochure. 

The above information was gathered from the Usana site here

How Usana Reset Pack Work for Weight Loss.

The reset pack helps control your calories while giving you the vitamins and supplements you need. Add this with eating wholefood snacks you are eating during the day and it’s a great way to reset your body while giving you the energy you need to get through the day. 

Usana Reset Weight Loss Review

When I first did this reset where I replaced three meals and ate healthy snacks during the day I felt a bit sluggish and had a lack of energy. After two days I started replacing my lunch with the meal replacement and had a small snack in the morning, and a healthy meal for dinner. This is the routine that worked best for me.

After adding back my breakfast I had more energy and saw great results the rest of the way with this reset.

Personally, I have lost weight both times I have done this reset challenge but what’s most important is I crave less sugar, make better eating choices, and have more energy on this reset and after I’m done because I’ve implemented a routine I can stick to.

I recommend tweaking this reset package so that it works for you. The number of shakes you take in a day is up to you and based on what feels good for you.

Take the vitamins and probiotics daily to help with your new daily habits.

Usana 5 Day Reset Price

The Reset kit is $111.00cad and will last 5 days if you take it as they recommend, for me a reset kit can last me 7-10 days depending on how many shakes I have in the day. You can also sign up as a preferred client to get 10% off ( free to sign up )

The other alternative is to buy the meal replacement separately and try that first. You don’t get the benefits of the vitamins and probiotics but it’s a great way to see if the shakes are a great addition to your routines. You can buy 9 single servings for $36cad.

Different Reset Kit Options – Meal Replacement Shakes

You have to select options when it comes to what kind of meal replacement shake you want. You can choose from Dutch Chocolate, Vanilla, or Nutrimeal. 

  • Nutrimeal Free is Usana’s vegan option, there is no soy protein, no dairy, no eggs, or gluten. 
  • The chocolate and vanilla shakes are made with a protein blend of whey, soy, pea, and rice protein. 

Does it Really Work?

Yes, it really does. I’ve personally done this reset twice before and I love the way I feel when I’m done. You will finish the 5-day program feeling motivated, strong, nourished, and happy. I love that this reset program incorporates community, motivation, healthy eating, and affirmations. It’s a great way to unlock the amazing potential that lies within you. 

5 Day Reset Usana Review / Summary 

The Good About This Reset

This reset helps you put health first and implement healthy habits into your routine.

This is a short-term way to boost our results and get into good habits for five days. It helps us reset our bodies and reduce sugar and carb intake. 

It’s a great way to try several Usana products at once. It’s a great starter pack if you’re interested in meal replacement shakes, vitamins, and probiotics but you don’t know how to start.

This reset motivates me to add in some great workouts that focus on fat burning, high energy, and yoga, I remember to take my vitamins and feel motivated to continue after the reset is over. 

You can customize this program to work for you. Change the amounts of shakes you take if you’d like. What is important is that it works for you and your needs. 

The Bad About This Usana Reset

The cost can seem like a lot if you’re just starting out with Usana. Although I see the benefits and can make my Reset kit last 10 days I can see how the price might be a setback for someone new.

Only a select few flavor options. You get to pick between chocolate and vanilla and a vegan option. There aren’t many flavors to choose from.

You have to wait for shipping. I do find the shipping rates and times very reasonable but if you’re like me you want to purchase and start right away. With Usana, you do have to wait for shipping.

If you have any questions please feel free e to email me or fill out the box above.

**Please note this is not health or medical advice, always speak to your doctor before starting any new nutritional and physical program. Adults require a certain amount of calories each day. Be sure to do your research and speak to your doctor to know what’s best for you.

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