Archangel Michael

Have you ever felt the sensation of being warm and tingly come over you out of the blue? Or have you seen small flashes of light in the corners of your mind? Or come across a random feather in your path? They’re signs from the heavenly presences.

If you are like me and have had all of these happen to you at one time or another, then you have been blessed with Archangel Michael eagerly making his presence known in your life. 

Who is Archangel Michael?

Michael, the Archangel, is the best known of all the Angels. He is the Chief Angel, a spiritual warrior in the battle of good vs. evil. 

He is the only Angel mentioned in all three primary sacred texts: The Torah (Judaism), the Bible (Catholicism), and the Qu’ran (Islam). In fact, in most religions, Archangel Michael is a predominant figure. 

He is concerned with truth and justice and boldly communicates with people through bright colors, light, and intense physical sensations.  

What is Archangel Michael Best Known For?

In the book of Revelation, once the creation of Heaven and Earth was complete, a war erupted, a battle between good and evil. 

Lucifer, best known as the light bearer and Chief among Angels, decided he did not want to serve God anymore.

His envy of God and pride encouraged his rebellion, and he took one-third of the Angels in Heaven along for the ride. 

Michael the archangel, Archangelike unto God,” was a servant of God and devoted to serving Him. His faith and utmost trust in God led him to gather the remaining Angels, and he went to war against Lucifer. He defeated him and cast him out of Heaven. Micheal is known as the Angel of God. 

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Lucifer became known as Satan and the Angels that supported him, devils, from that point on.

Michael’s reward in defeating Lucifer was being named Chief Angel. 

The Angel army, along with Michael, became messengers between God and man and the guardians of nations and people. 

Made a Saint after this battle, St. Michael was officially canonized in the Catholic Church on June 8th, 1862. 

He is the patron Saint of first responders, military personnel, holy death, and against temptation. 

St. Michaels feast day is celebrated on September 29th in western churches. Sometimes referred to as Michaelmas, the day celebrates Michael and Archangels, Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and Uriel. 

 Why You Might be Connecting with Archangel Michael

Michael is around to help you in times of fear, sadness when you need courage or strength. He helps to protect you and makes you feel safe. He can also help you in times of change and cutting cords with people or situations holding you in the past. 

If this resonates with you, call upon this magnificent Angel to help you and guide you. You can use mediations, manifesting practices, affirmations, or journaling to help you connect. 

How to Recognize Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael, the divine protector, is generally depicted carrying a sword with expanded wings and a pair of scales in his left hand. 

He is near when he wants to show you; a warm and tingly sensation may come over you. This is because he is also the Archangel archangel. The warmth you experience brings about a positive shift to your mood and energy.

You may notice bright and heightened tones of blues and purples surrounding you. Small flashes of light may appear in your mind and the corner of your eyes. 

He is known to place symbols of his presence in your path, such as feathers. You could also see repeating numbers again and again. Angel numbers have meanings and they may try to communicate through them. They don’t have to be a repeating number sequence like 333 and 444. It could be 245 but you see it again and again.

And you know that persistent, sometimes nagging voice in your head? That’s St. Michael speaking to you, trying to get your attention. He is the clearest divine messenger you will hear and does not mince words. 

You may also notice the name Michael appearing in random places, and you can rest assured this Angel is enveloping you in his protective embrace. 

Michael sends these signs and symbols not to scare you but to comfort and reassure you. He hears your prayers and questions. He wants you to approach the characters. He presents you with an open mind.

He presents himself to help heal or repair our energy where trauma, grief, karmic debts of our past lives are restraining us. 

Archangel Michael has psychic abilities and wants us to tap into ours to enhance and strengthen this skill. 

Aren’t all these attributes of St. Michael just remarkable? Just reading this, you can feel his power. 

Imagine how you will feel when you experience his magical presence! 

When to Call on Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael’s strength has no bounds, and there is nothing he will not get involved with, but he cannot help if you do not call him or ask for help. 

He is your ultimate support during an emergency or crisis. He provides you the strength and courage to overcome any adversity. He helps you when you are experiencing fear and helps protect you. 

His blue light is seen more frequently during a crisis. So, when calling upon him and you see a blue light, know that he is right beside you, supporting you. 

If you face a tough decision in your life, speaking to St. Michael will help guide you in making the right decision. Listen to him as he speaks to you because he does talk to you when you ask for him for guidance. 

He hangs around you, motivating you to become more organized and productive. He is there to help you build a life of consistency, dependability, and trust to thrive. He provides the tools to help build a solid foundation of stability and strength in your life. 

If you lack any of these attributes within your life, calling upon Archangel Michael will assist in building these characteristics. 

If you find yourself drowning in negative emotions and energy, Archangel Michael can support you in lessening these thoughts and using that energy to do something productive. 

If you have recently lost a loved one, Michael will bridge the space between physical life and the afterlife by bringing messages from those who have passed. Call on him to help you heal during times of mourning. 

A way to call on Archangel archangel prayer and repeating mantras during meditation. You can also book an angel card reading to get more clarity on your situation and life to seek some guidance.

You can find prayers to St. Michael anywhere. Online, in books about Archangel Michael, or even the bible. 

Still, you can also speak to him, thanking him for his protection and guidance, asking him to safeguard you from temptation and evil, and giving you the strength and courage to face hardships and difficult decisions. 

Keep an eye out for angels numbers to see what they might mean and what the angels are telling you.

Mantras can come in any shape or form. There are no rules for mantras because only you know what you need from the Angels. 

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Are you looking for some guidance, reassurance, or simply wanting to connect to your angels?

I’m a double-certified virtual Angel Card Reader and I’d love to help you connect with your angels through a card reading.

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For example, saying things like, “Archangel Michael, please support me through this difficult time,” or “St. Michael, please grant me the strength and courage to make the right decision” are things you can say to him while meditating. 

As in all things spiritual, if you do not have an open mind or heart, you will not see or hear the messages your Angels are sending you.

Archangel Michael, the most powerful of all the Angels, can provide you the guidance you seek on this journey called life, but only if you are fully open to accepting and receiving his messages.

So, take that step in opening your heart to him. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Archangel Michael and chakras

Archangel Micheal, Chakras, Crystals and More.

Archangel Michael is connected to your throat chakra. Doing work on your throat chakra will help you connect more with Michael and why he supports you. Seeing signs of Micheal and feeling his presence could be a sign to focus on your throat, your voice, your power. 

The crystal Sugilite is the stone connected to Michael. This stone helps you with your life’s mission. Why are you here? It reveals the truth and helps you with your spirituality. 

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