Archangel Raphael written in the clouds

Archangel Raphael is the healer.

If you have ever felt compelled to live a healthier life, drawn to prayer in the event of a loved ones’ illness, or felt a sudden appreciation for nature, Archangel Raphael is with you.

Archangel Raphael is a cheeky Angel who has a sense of humor and uses humor to make his presence known to you.

He is the one you will call on when your Mind, Body, or spirit require intervention and healing. And unlike other Saints, the only one who has never physically lived on Earth.

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Who is Archangel Raphael?

Archangel Raphael or St. Raphael is the patron Saint of healing and the patron Saint for healthcare workers.

His name translates to “God’s medicine,” a fitting name for someone known as the healer.

He is mentioned in the New Testament as an unnamed Angel. The Qu’ran as “Israfil” and the Book of Tobit as Angel Raphael.

He is the kindest of all the Angels and will present himself to you in a premonition or dream. He is not shy or subtle in his communication with you. In fact, he is straightforward, and the signs he presents to let you know he is near can elicit a giggle or two.

What is Archangel Raphael Best Known For?

In the New Testament, Raphael is referred to as an unmade Angel who stirs the healing pool at Bethesda.

He is also one of three Angels that appear to Abraham.

God assigns each Angel a specific mission. For Example, Angel Michael was to inform Sarah she would give birth to a son named Isaac. Likewise, God told Angel Gabriel to destroy Sodom, and Angel Raphael is charged with healing and saving all Humans.

In the Book of Tobit, he does double duty as a Healer and Protector.

Tobit, a Jew who was exiled, was blinded when a bird pooped in his eyes. 

There really is no other way to phrase that!

Tobit’s son, Tobias, had been tasked with traveling to a relative’s home to recover money that was put aside for Tobit. Raphael takes the form of a relative and accompanies Tobias to protect him along his journey.

Along the way, they catch fish in the Tigris River, which was eventually used to cure Tobit’s blindness. 

They reach the relative’s home and are introduced to Sarah, Tobias’ cousin.

Sarah was married seven times, but each marriage only lasted one day.

Unfortunately, all seven husbands died the day after the wedding took place, and of course, people speculated it was all Sarah’s doing. But, the Demon of Lust, Asmodeus, is the cause of these deaths.

He is particularly hostile to Sarah and punishes her by killing her seven husbands.

Tobias falls for Sarah, and they marry.

Of course, Asmodeus looks to kill Tobias, but Raphael steps in. He counsels Tobias to burn the heart and liver of the fish they caught in the Tigris River, for the smoky vapor repels demons and renders them powerless. He is then bound by Raphael and left in the desert. Some speculate Raphael may have strangled him.

Did you ever think a tale so illicit would be included in the bible?  

Raphael is also known as the Angel of Qu’ran. He stands with a trumpet to his lips, ready to announce the Day of Resurrection.

St. Raphael’s feast day takes place on September 29th in western churches. Sometimes referred to as Michaelmas, the day also celebrates St. Michael and Archangels, Gabriel, and Uriel. 

Raphael has never lived on Earth, unlike most Saints, as mentioned before. Instead, he has always been an Angel in heaven, celebrated for his healing of humanity.

Archangel Raphael is known to guide medical professionals, assisting in gathering the perfect team of doctors so that you receive unrivaled care.

In addition, Angel Raphael presents medical professionals with the right decisions for you and your loved ones. 

How to Recognize Archangel Raphael?

Archangel Raphael is depicted holding a staff in traveling clothing and carrying a fish, the same fish that cured Tobit’s blindness. 

Along with Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel, he stands around the throne of God. Each Angel faces one cardinal direction, with Raphael always standing to the West of God. 

Archangel Raphael will present himself to you in flashes or sparkles of Emerald green light. 

He will manifest in music or sounds or as a slight ringing on either right or left ear. 

Raphael will also use angel numbers to communicate with you. Numbers 111, 333, 444, and more.

The hunch you felt to make that significant decision? That was Gabriel answering your prayers. 

He will come to you physically in your dreams or premonitions and whisper suggestions to promote healing within you or for those you are praying for. 

A believer in the healing powers of Nature, Angel Raphael will manifest his presence in your sudden desire to take in the beauty and power in nature.

Raphael is with you if you have the urge to suddenly pick up garbage, tidy up an area, or even sit and watch the sunset. 

The sense of humor I mentioned? Well, Raphael will randomly throw healing books in your shopping cart when you aren’t looking, or a book with pages open to a particular passage or paragraph will all of a sudden be in your line of vision. 

When to Call on Archangel Raphael?

We all have a divine plan allocated to us at Birth. Unless death or illness is a part of the plan, Raphael is the one you will call on the promote healing. 

You may call on him when faced with health challenges or feel a pull in making healthier choices in life. 

Raphael will say yes to every prayer, affirmation, visualization, or letter, even if you pray on behalf of a loved one. 

If you have any addiction, such as nicotine, call upon Angel Raphael. He will help provide the tools and resources to assist you in breaking bad habits. 

He will custom tailor his messages and signs to suit each person’s need or situation. 

Raphael will transmit these reasons if there is an underlying reason for an illness, such as stress (and we all know how destructive stress is for our health), hate, or jealousy.

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Raphael may also help heal relationships, promoting better communication between you and a parent, friend, or spouse. He wants you to live a fulfilled and real-life, expressing your genuine reactions to all situations. 

He will bring you closer to God, to those you love, and to yourself. 

A beautiful way to call upon St. Raphael is to leave offerings to him or light a candle at an altar. You can set up an altar at home by lighting candles, placing offerings such as thermometers, flowers, or tree leaves, and meditating or praying to Saint Raphael. 

When doing so, imagine a bright, emerald green light shining upon you and ask for Archangel Raphael’s help. 

Creating healthy habits and practicing yoga and meditation are ways you can invite Angel Raphael into your life. 

When you feel tingling sensations followed by a sense of healing, that is your clue that Archangel Raphael is beside you, guiding you, healing you. 

Remember that any healing process begins with you. So, drink all the water, exercise, meditate, pray, fuel your body with nutritious foods, and keep positive thoughts in your mind. 

Accept Raphael into your life as an integral part of your journey to health and well-being. He will guide and support you, providing the tools and resources you desire for a healthier life.

If you want to learn more about our Archangels you can read about Archangel Michael who is our protector. 

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