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Goal setting is so important and goal setting for Moms is not any less important. Overwhelmed Moms and moms everywhere at one point or another feel lost and unmotivated and sometimes forget or don’t prioritize having mom goals so that they can stay motivated and keep reaching for their dreams. 

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Goal Setting for Moms

Goal Setting for Moms

The first thing that I do when I’m setting my mom goals is I think about where I want to be in three months. From there I think about and write down all the things that need to happen for me to get there. I’ve heard before that what you do today will pay off in 90 days. 

Let’s really think about that, so many times we work hard and expect to see results pretty quickly after we’ve started but in all reality, it takes time to see changes and I think the 90 day rule is pretty accurate.

Three months is what it takes to develop a good routine and if you’ve been working hard at something for 90 days you should be seeing some progress by then. The next time you’re planning your mommy goals for the month remember the 90-day rule and try to plan three months ahead to really see some progress. 

What Does Having Mom Goals Mean?

We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves and goal setting helps us get there. Don’t give up on your Mom goals and keep reaching for the stars when it comes to your goal-setting agenda. Let’s dive into goal setting for moms and how you can set your goals and accomplish them. 

How to Set Your Mom Goals so that You Actually Accomplish them – 3 Easy Steps


Meditating is a great way to clear your head and really figure out what it is that you want. Clearing your mind and allowing yourself the time to get clear on your goals is so important. If you haven’t implemented meditation into your routine I highly suggest it, it’s a fantastic self care practice that will open up so many doors for you. 

Brain Dump 

If you’re unsure of how to really plan your goals, doing a brain dump is an excellent practice to do before you plan out your goals. Take a piece of paper and write down everything that comes to mind, clear your head and get it all onto the paper. From here choose the big goals you want to focus on and organize your goals based on your priorities. 


Now that you have all of your goals written out, sort them out by what you’d like to prioritize, then write out what you need to do to reach your goal. Do this for a few of your goals and then add them to a monthly planner. Do this each month to keep you focused and motivated on your mom goals. 

Goal Planning for Moms 2

Benefits of Having Goals as Moms 

As mothers we tend to put ourselves last, we allow the overwhelm to take over and we push back our own self-care and personal development so that we can take care of everyone else. The reality is that by doing this we aren’t allowing ourselves to be our best selves and no one else around us gets the best version of ourselves either. Setting mommy goals allows us to prioritize ourselves and it keeps us on track for our own personal development plan. 

Monthly Goal Planner Printable

Benefits of Setting Goals

Goals keep us going, keep us wanting more and goals keep us growing and evolving. I love having goals because they give me something to look forward to and I truly believe goal setting helps us with our personal development and motivation. 

How Can Setting Goals as a Mom Benefit You

We all want what’s best for our kids and we want them to see that you always go after what you want and you never take no for an answer when it comes to prioritizing your hopes and goals. We want to show our kids that we can accomplish amazing things if we put our minds to it and that it’s always good to have goals so that you never stop growing and you’re always learning new things. This is why setting mom goals is so important, we need to keep going and keep reaching for the stars.  

Goal Planning Pages

What Does Successful Goal Setting and Planning Mean to You?

Successful goal planning means that I’m staying motivated and on a path to bettering myself and my family. I believe that having goals as a mother keeps me motivated and allows me to stay on track to being the person I’m supposed to be. As a mother sometimes we get so overwhelmed with motherhood that we slowly start to lose ourselves. Having goals reminds me of who I am and where I want to be in the future. I love motherhood and cherish the days I have while I keep looking to the future for me and my family. 

More Helpful Mom Goal Setting Resources. 

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Goal Setting Planner – Plan your month with this fantastic goal tracker, calendars, planners, and dream board templates.

Ultimate Busy Mom Planner – This printable planner has it all. Goal planners, chore charts, daily, weekly and monthly planners and so much more.

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What are 3 Goals You Have for Your Child?

  1. To become kind people.
  2. To be determined to reach their goals.
  3. To have a great education. 

What are Life Goals Examples?

  1. Work goals
  2. Have a family. 
  3. Raise a family
  4. Increase your income. 
  5. Start a business. 
  6. Get healthy.
  7. Eat right. 
  8. Meditate
  9. Learn a sport
  10. Learn a new language
  11. Join a sports team 
  12. Work out regularly
  13. Financial freedom
  14. Family bucket list of travel places
  15. Family bucket list of activities

What are the 5 Keys to Goal Setting?

  • Meditate
  • Prioritize
  • Plan
  • Self Care
  • Execute

Get instant access & start customzing your

Goal Planning Package

Goal Planning Printable Bundle

22 Goal Planning pages so you can create your own printable planner. Calendars, goal planning journal pages and so much more. 

$6.99 $2.00

Looking for a free version? Click here to download the printable.

What are 7 Steps of Goal Setting?

  1. Meditate
  2. Do a brain dump
  3. Choose your big goals
  4. Write a list of all the things needed to do to accomplish your goals
  5. Add them to a monthly goal planner
  6. Take care of yourself
  7. Move your body
  8. Stay on schedule 

Goal Setting for Moms

I hope you found this post helpful. If you take anything away from this post today I hope it is that having goals is important but they don’t have to be huge goals. The best goals are ones that you can break down and accomplish piece by piece. Give yourself grace, take care of yourself and enjoy life. Prioritize your self-care, practice positivity and work on your productivity.

Chat soon! -Victoria

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