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Mother’s Day Gifts for Picky Moms

We are always looking for easy and meaningful Mothers Day Gifts, especially for picky Moms. Moms are usually super excited for Mother’s Day. Why wouldn’t we love a day that’s dedicated to showing a little extra love for the life we live and the things we do, which by the way is not easy! 

It’s a great time to show the Mother in your life that you care and appreciate her. Gifts can sometimes be hard to buy. There is a lot of pressure on this day and let’s face it, sometimes the Mother in your life is particular and maybe you need a little help. 

I’ll admit it, I’m a picky Mom, when it comes to gifts I’d like something I’ll use and is specific to me. So here are my top Mother’s Day gifts for the picky mom in your life. I love unique gifts Pssst all Moms will love these! Feel free to click the link on this page to direct you to the products I mention.

How to Show the Mom Who Has Everything You Love Her

Show Mom a bit of extra love with a personalized card, note, or some flowers. Maybe go for a hike, bike ride, buy some new flowers for the garden. Do something on Mother’s Day you know she will love. Moms love personalized gifts!

They don’t have to cost much or anything at all. She will love the extra thought and personal touch you add to her day. Maybe even a heart-shaped collage with photos she will love. 

Ok, here we go. Your Mother’s Day gift ideas! If you have more great gift ideas let me know! I might even add them to the post! 

Mother’s Day Gifts for Picky Moms or the Mom Who Has Everything 

A Romper

Yes, you heard right. A romper! They are so comfortable, she will love it and wear it all the time!! My favorite rompers are from Smash and Tess. They are so soft, they have so many different styles and they look so cute!

Who doesn’t want to have a comfy outfit to wear when you’re home lounging around cozy and comfy!? You can even dress them up to go out around town.

Check them out. They are amazing!! She will never want to take it off. I also use mine to sleep in. What Mom wouldn’t love the gift of comfy?!

Give the gift of comfort. I love rompers and they’re so in style now. From Smash and Tess Rompers, (so comfy) to ones found easily on Amazon you can find a cute romper almost anywhere. I own quite a few from Smash and Tess and I own some from Amazon that I love. I’ve added some pictures below of ones I own and love from Amazon.

The best thing about a romper is that you are so comfortable but you can easily dress up or dress down with a romper. If you’re from Canada you can also buy some from, one of my favorite sites for shopping in Canada. 

The Gift of Wine

A gift certificate for a local wine tour or brewery is a great gift idea for mom. I went on a wine tour a few years ago and loved it! We got to see 3 different vineyards, learned a lot, and spent a couple of hours in a cute little town for lunch.

It was a great day! If you have vineyards around or any attraction place takes a day and go explore!  Give Mom a day of adventure, a glass of wine, and maybe even a night away!

If Mom loves wine you could also put together a cute gift set with her favorite wine, wine tumbler, personalized wine glasses, a scented candle, and a sweet card. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils for the picky Mom

Does the Mom in your life have a diffuser and essential oils? If not this is a great time to get her into them! There are so many benefits to using essential oils.

So far by far my favorite diffuser and oils come from Plant Therapy. They are fantastic, they smell so good and they have everything I need for self-care, essential oils, home care and so much more.

If the picky mom in your life already has a diffuser and oil kit then maybe check out some body-care products or household products. Plant Therapy has you covered in this department.

What I love so much about Plant Therapy is that their products are safe, their oils are pure and some are even organic! Each batch of oils is sourced from trusted sources and all their products are checked for quality. Check out their website for more information on this and similar content on their site. 

Inspiring Books for The Mom Who Has Everything

Give your picky mom or the mom who has everything the gift of a good book. Some people might already be totally hooked on self-help books but even if they’re not this is a great type of book to gift.

Books like this changed my life, I was never really into self-help books but now I can’t get enough of them. They make you feel inspired, they make you question how you’re living and they make you want to live a better and happier life.

Here’s the thing, they actually change your life and help you become the person you’re meant to be. 

Here is a List of a Few of my Favorite and Very Popular Books:

Girl Wash your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing

How to be a Badass  and How to be a Badass at making Money

Super Attractor 

Think Like a Monk 

The Purpose Driven Life 

The Secret

Ask and it is Given

A Journal or Planner 

Give your mother the gift of journaling and planning. There are so many great journals that can incorporate journaling and scheduling in one. Goal Planning and journaling help Moms calm the chaos and feel a little less overwhelmed.

It feels good to plan and organize your day and helps you stay motivated day in and day out. She can also keep her favorite recipe in a journal, email addresses, or phone numbers in so many of them. Here are a few favorites that I’ve tried and love. 

Evive Smoothies Subscription

Mother's Day Gifts For Picky Moms

How does a healthy smoothie subscription sound? Have them delivered to you once a month and help your picky mom or mom who has everything stay healthy and enjoy making her meals and snacks. 

Evive Smoothies (use code motherhood20 for 20% off your first box ) has so many different fruit and vegetable smoothies that are vegan, 100% Gluten-free, and non-Gmo. 

What’s so special about these smoothies is that you don’t need a blender! All you do is pop the cubes in a cup with a lid, add your favorite liquid, let the cubes melt, and shake! That’s it! 

They’re less than $4 per serving (even less if you only use half a wheel which I do a lot!) So nutritious and there is zero decision-making on what you’re going to eat. 

Next, the best thing about Evive Smoothies (use code motherhood20 for 20% off your first box ) is that they have lunches! Three delicious vegan lunches that you add over your favorite base. ( they have those too) 

If you’re at a loss for gifts for your wonderful mom check out Evive Smoothies. She will thank you. 

Terry Cloth Robe

I love my terry cloth robe, it’s one of those gifts you get and you wear every single day. I never wanted to invest the money in a bathrobe like this but it was truly the perfect give. There is nothing better than stepping out of the shower and getting into your nice warm robe to dry off. 

A New Watch

We all need a great watch to wear. It’s a great accessory that looks great and goes with everything. A quality watch is something she will treasure forever and wear every day or on special occasions. I love this watch because it’s simple enough to wear every day but it also a quality piece that can be treasured and passed down for years to come.

Mother’s Day Shirt or Hat

Treat your Mom to a cute shirt from my Etsy shop. These are designed for Mamas. A unique gift she’s sure to love. Top sellers right now are the Tough as a Mother shirts and Mama, Mother, Mom shirts in pink.

A New Makeup Mirror

A good makeup mirror with some lights that she can use is a great gift for moms. Amazon has lots of great options and some are even good for some light therapy. Chances are mom spends time putting on creams or makeup and a nice mirror is something she would use again and again. I love this lighted mirror with a touch screen light up. I actually use it for photos too!

You could also add some lip balms with this gift as a nice added touch. 

A Nice Bracelet

A sweet gift is a bracelet for your mom. You can get beautiful ones with her birth month gem on it, or a nice saying. Choose her favorite, silver, gold, or rose gold bracelet and she will be so thrilled you got her something she can wear every day and be reminded of you.  The bracelet below is one I own and love.

A New Bag and Clutch

What Mom wouldn’t want a great new bag to wear all year long?! I love this bag by Micheal Kours and this handy clutch. Every Mom needs a good purse and clutch to be able to wear anytime she’s out and about. It’s got tons of room to allow her to carry everything she needs in style and stay organized. She will feel fantastic with her new accessories on her shoulder this Mother’s Day.

I hope this list helps you pick the perfect gift for your Mom or woman in your life. Mother’s Day is a special day to show your Mom you care and love her. Tell her you love her, spend time with her and she will be thrilled. 

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Picky Moms

Sometimes it can be hard to buy gifts that your Mom will love but remember, as long as it comes from the heart and she knows you love her that’s all that really matters. Mother’s Day gifts for picky moms can be hard to choose but in the end, all she wants is to know you love her.

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