Morning and Evening Routine Checklist

As busy moms having a routine checklist for your day will change the way you feel and help you feel more organized and accomplished each and every day. In this post, I’m going to show you what a good morning and evening routine printable looks like, what time you should wake up every day, how you can start your day with energy, and how you can make a consistent schedule you can stick to. Having printable routines will help you create a schedule that works for you and leaves you feeling accomplished.

Why You Need a Good Morning and Evening Checklist

As Moms we have the tendency to take on too much, we pack our day full of expectation and overwhelm our day full of things we think we need to do. Creating an awesome routine will help you be able to clear your mind and focus on the things that really need to get done.

Having a good morning and evening routine means that you can have some clear space to put down some tasks on your to do list that you can do and feel accomplished once you cross those off your list.

Don’t forget to grab your morning and evening routine printable before you go. You can use the ones I’ve included or use the blank templates to fill out your own routines.

Do you ever feel like you spend your days running around like crazy and then at the end of the day you feel like you still have so much to do?  Let’s flip that around and instead, get you on a good morning and night routine so you can plan out your day and cross those to do items off your list. At the end of the day you’re going to feel great about all the things you checked off your to-do list.

Below, I’ve put together a free bundle that gives you the morning and night checklist and extra pages for you to create your own check lists and to-do lists so you can feel accomplished each and every day.

Routine Tips and Tricks for an Easy Morning. 

Your morning routine should be one that you can keep but also one that helps you feel good right away, as soon as you wake up.  In the morning you should do a few things; set the tone for your day, take care of yourself, accomplish something and reflect on what you’re grateful for. I truly believe if you do these things you’re going to rock your mornings each and every time.

I’m going to give you a morning and evening routine checklist, but I’ve also created a morning and evening routine printable for you to come up with your own and your own to-do list to use every day. Feel free to use mine but please adjust it to find a routine that works for you. You then can come up with your own night and morning routine checklist so that you can stick to it and get yourself on autopilot.  

Morning and Evening Routine Printable

Daily Routines Help Us Go into Autopilot 

They say once you do something for 21 days it becomes a routine that you are more likely to stick to and eventually you’ll go into autopilot. When I say you go into autopilot, I mean that you start doing things during your morning and evening routine without even thinking about it. It’s doesn’t cause you stress or brainpower to get going, you just do it automatically. You start to want and need that routine and it helps you start your mornings and night off the right way. 

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The Best Morning Habits

They say once you do something for 21 days it becomes a routine that you are more likely to stick to and eventually you’ll go into autopilot. When I say you go into autopilot I mean that you start doing things on your checklist without even thinking about it. It’s doesn’t cause you stress or brainpower to get going, you just do it automatically. You start to want and need that routine and it helps you start your mornings and night off the right way. 

Set Your Alarm for the Same Time Each Morning

Creating this habit makes sure that you’re starting your day off at the same time so you have enough time to get through your morning schedule. If we don’t get up at the same time we leave the room that overwhelmed feeling that we all know too well as mothers. You’re rushing, there’s not enough time and sometimes you’ll forget or miss something that will leave you feeling upset rather than accomplished and motivated. Set your alarm and wake up at the same time each day, creating this habit is the first step in creating a good morning routine.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed as soon as you wake up starts your day off the right way. You get up, make your bed and you’ve already accomplished something today. Your bed is made and anytime you walk past your bed today it will look tidy and put together. This way you’ve already started your day off by being productive. 

Tidy Up Your Room

Put anything you see out of place away and tidy up your room. If your room is clean you just feel better, you feel more organized and productive. It should only take you a few minutes to pick anything up from the night before. You’ve been up 5 minutes and you already have a made bed and a cleanroom. Awesome! 

Recite Positive Affirmations

Getting your mindset right is so important. Set the tone for your day by reciting positive affirmations. Repeat them while you take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale, do this slowly and at least 5 times. Say the words and believe them. I’ve included my favorite positive mantras in my free Self Care bundle that you can grab at any time. The shift in your mindset and in your mood is amazing. By reciting positive affirmations you are calling on positivity, determination, and the power to accomplish your goals. You are allowing the universe to help you reach all your desired achievements and success.  

Eat a Healthy Breakfast 

Fueling our body with the right nutrition will help you feel better and it will allow you to make better nutritious decisions the rest of the day. Even if it’s something small, there are huge benefits to eating good foods in the morning to start your morning off the right way. You will feel better and have more energy throughout your morning. Even if it’s a protein shake, have something in the morning to get you going. 

Listening to Calm Music to Reduce

Move Your Body

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, get your body moving. Do a quick workout, go for a walk or run, do something that will get your blood pumping through your body in the morning. It will help you feel more energy almost immediately. You’re going to feel productive and have the energy to power through your to-do list. 

Listen to Some Music 

Music is such a game-changer. I love to listen to music while I work, clean, and workout. Music helps you change your mood right away. Have a dance party, forget your worries, sing out loud, and get yourself pumped up. Anytime you feel down, turn on some music that makes you feel happy, excited, and motivated. Music will help you change your thoughts and that will change your mood and the outcome of your day. Turn up those tunes and dance all your worries away! 

Set Your Intentions for the Day

Now that you’ve tidied up, got your mind right, fueled and moved your body you’re ready to set your intentions for the day. Write down what your intentions are for the day and what kind of day you’re going to have. Grab your free morning and evening routine printable and and write down that today you’re going to have an amazing day.

Set your intentions and use the journal prompts included in the self-care bundle. You’re going to eat right and get things done. You’re going to have a great day with your spouse. Today, you’re going to enjoy self-care or take a day to spend with your kids. Maybe today you’re going to kill it at work or kill it at home. Whatever it is, set your intentions and write them down. Journaling is a great way to focus and plan your day. They say that you’re more likely to accomplish a goal or task if you write it down. Put that journal to good use and get our thoughts, goals, and intentions on paper.

The thoughts in your mind decide your mood and your day so be sure to keep your thoughts positive and pump yourself up. 

Write Out Your To Do List 

Now you’re going to get to your to-do list. What do you want to accomplish today? Be careful not to overdo it with your to-do list. Your goal is to feel productive and get things done today. Break down your bigger projects and break them down into smaller tasks and get a few done in a day. You don’t have to have a huge to-do list to feel accomplished or productive.

Get a few things written down that you want to do today so you can cross them off your list as you go. Make sure your to-do list is achievable and not overwhelming.

The morning and evening routine printable also has a to do page with affirmations and your morning and evening routine printable checklist so be sure you have yours handy.

The focus is to be productive, and feel good doing it. Don’t overdo it. Even small tasks deserve a celebration. Anything you do gets you past where you were before so celebrate it.

Practice Being Grateful

Simple, easy, and oh so powerful. You need to practice gratefulness every day. Be grateful for what you have and watch you get more of it. It’s so easy to forget how lucky we really are. Write down five things that you’re grateful for every day. Start your day by being grateful. Once a day, write down what you’re grateful for,  be intentional about it and be consistent. Allow good to come your way by always being grateful. 

Productivity and Your Morning Routine

By getting your mind and body right first thing in the morning you will set yourself up for success. You will be more productive throughout your days and you’ll be motivated. Try to keep to your morning routine and stick to a routine that works. This morning routine checklist can absolutely be rearranged to better suit your needs. Play around with it and find a checklist that works for you. I’ve added some blank sheets in my free morning and evening routine printable for you to write out your own routine along with your intentions and what you’re grateful for. 

Morning and Evening Routine Checklist

What Should Your Daily Routine Look Like?

Your daily routine should have a number of things. It should help you maintain cleanliness around you, it should help you feel productive, it should help you take care of yourself and it should account for some down time too. Your daily routine should have time with your loved ones, time for yourself and time to get shit done at home and at work. When it comes to doing all these things in one day I find you have to remember one important thing.

The Quality of the time to schedule is what matters not the amount of time you spend doing it. If you only have 30minutes one day to finish up a work task, make sure you devote those 30 minutes to just that and nothing else. Block off your time and devote it to that one task, if it’s playing with your kids, having a bath, reading a book, or getting something done at work focus on just that.

More often than not you’re going to get quality time and you will feel accomplished if you get rid of all other distractions. Quality time vs quantity. That is key.

How do you Make a Consistent Schedule?

You make a consistent schedule by making a checklist you can stick to. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a crazy to do list that you will burn yourself out trying to get it all done. Make a schedule that works for you and works for your family. Base it on your family routine and what will make you feel good. Doing 10 things half assed vs 3 things that you did perfectly with attention and detail will make you feel so good.

You want to go through your checklist with intention and determination not feeling rushed. Remember this when you add your to do list to your day. You want Quality vs Quantity. 

What is a Good Morning Routine?

A good morning routine is one that you can keep. One that helps you feel grateful, energized and at peace. We all have rough mornings, we can’t always avoid that but creating a morning routine where you feel all the things I mentioned above will dramatically change how you feel if you happen to have a hard morning. A good morning routine gets you ready for the day and in turn will help your family have a good day too. 

Morning and Evening Routine Checklist

What Time Should I Wake up Everyday?

First off, you should wake up early everyday. If you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day you just have to get up earlier. Take the hours in the morning to set yourself up for a good day. Maybe you take that time to simply enjoy a cup of coffee alone and in peace. Maybe you get up to work out, or maybe you get up to get some extra things checked off your to do list.

If you’re like me, you get up early to pump out some awesome content like this for your readers. 🙂 I wake up each day at 6 am at the latest and get stuff done. Sometimes it is simply to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before the kids wake up. Sometimes, it’s to work on Motherhood Life Balance and sometimes I get started at my day job early so I have some more time in the evenings.

Remember, once you wake up early for a few weeks you’ll get into the habit and come to really love those quiet early mornings. Your morning routine should make you feel good right away. 

Start Your Day off with Energy

There are three things you can do to start your day off with energy. First, eat right. Fuel your body with the nutrition it needs and you will feel your body bursting with a lot more energy. What we eat makes a huge difference in how we think and feel about ourselves. Second, get enough rest. If you’re waking up early, go to bed earlier. You need to be sure you’re getting enough rest. Sleep is so important and you have to be sure you’re doing what you can to get a good night’s sleep. Third is moving your body. Move your body in the morning and you’ll feel like a rock star.

Do anything that gets your body moving, go for a walk, a run, do some yoga or knock out a work out. Get your blood pumping and you’ll rock your day girl. 

What Your Evening Routine Checklist Should Look Like

Now let’s get down to your evening routine. How do you make an evening routine?

What you should be doing in the evenings? When you should start a nighttime routine and what your evening routine checklist should consist of? 

Your evening routine is supposed to help you wind down from your day and get you ready and focused for the next day. Your night routine checklist should be a little more relaxed and shorter. It should help you wind down and get ready to relax and get some sleep. The evenings are when you try to refuel your body with some TLC. You want to end your day with a clear mind and you want to feel relaxed at the end of the day. 

Why You Need a Good Evening Routine

Your evening routine is what sets you up for a successful morning. It sets the tone for the following morning and it’s a good way to recap your day and carry anything over to the morning that you might have missed or remember to do at night that you might forget in the morning. Eventually, your routine will be on autopilot and you’re going to notice that life is easier, you feel accomplished and you don’t feel so overwhelmed anymore. Getting through your morning and evening printable checklist will help you stay on track and find more time in your day.

How you Create an Evening Routine

Remember that creating your evening routine will take a bit of time. You might have to adjust it and make it work for your home. You want a routine that works for you and isn’t something unrealistic to stick with. Keep adjust it until it works for you and leaves you feeling good.

An Example of an Evening Routine

Tidy Up Your House

You don’t have to clean your house everyday but try to tidy things up. Put things away that are out of place, clear your countertops. When your house is clear you feel better. Clutter makes us feel anxious and we tend to think about all the things we still need to do. If you clear your home of clutter and tidy it up everyday you’re going to feel more relaxed and happier. 

Make Your Lunch for the Next Day 

Making your lunch the night before will help you during your morning rush. You’ll wake up feeling accomplished and less rushed with lunches done and out of the way. Keeping your lunches healthy will also keep you fueled and feeling great all day. 

Take Out Your Clothes for the Next Day

This is another task that you can check off your nightly checklist so you don’t spend the morning figuring out what to wear. Even if you’re not going into work, lay out your clothes for the day to set your intention for tomorrow. Lay out a work out outfit, or something else that will make you feel good in the morning. 

Create Your To Do List for Tomorrow 

Make a to do list for tomorrow. Based on what you did or didn’t get done today, write down what you want to get done tomorrow. This will help you not forget anything from today that you might forget in the morning. This also gets you organized for the next day. 

Take a Bath or Shower

Relax, take a bath or shower to wind down. Enjoy your bath or shower with some soothing music, maybe some bubbles or bath salts. Relax, forget your worries, take a few minutes to just chill out. 

Put the Electronics Down one Hour Before Bed

Try to avoid your phone for an hour before bed. Put your phone away. Charge it away from your nightstand so you can actually take the time to relax and reset. You can’t always be on the go, you need the break so put the phone down. You need the time to let your brain wind down and rest. 

Do One Self Care Treatment

Treat yourself to a face mask, hair treatment, nailpolsih. Anything that you want to do for you. Lotion, put on a diffuser, anything that you enjoy doing for yourself. Remember to take care of yourself. I offer a free Self Care Plan you can download if you need a great at home self care routine. 

Write Down Your Thoughts and Set Your Intentions for Tomorrow 

Let’s call this a mind dump. Just write down everything going through your mind so you can let it go. Just write, and then keep writing for a few minutes. This exercise is so you can get your thoughts out before you wind down for bed. Writing out your thoughts can be very therapeutic and so helpful in realizing what you’re dealing with and carrying around all day. 

get enough sleep - evening checklist

Get Enough Sleep

This is so important. You need your rest and have to reset and refuel your body. Sleep helps you do just that. You need your rest and you need to make it a priority. If you get up early, get to sleep early too. Don’t sacrifice your sleep. There are so many ways to get a good night’s sleep, if you need some ideas check out my post on that.

Quick Bedtime Routine Ideas for Kids

Having your children on a good bedtime routine will help set good habits for them too. I believe that a good evening routine for kids helps them end the day off feeling calm and aware that bedtime is coming up soon. 

Creating a bedtime routine chart on a dry erase board or routine cards for them to flip through once they’re done are some great ways to let your kids know what time it is and what’s expected of them next. 

Print off a copy of the free self-care bundle and use a blank routine sheet to create a routine for your kids. You can add tasks that are specific for them so they know what to do each night. You can also do the same for their morning routine.

Create an Easy Morning and Evening Routine

A solid morning and evening routine takes time to build and you might have to change it a few times until you find a routine that works well for you. Don’t rush to get it perfect right away, create a routine that leaves you feeling good and accomplished at the end of the day.

Another excellent way to plan a routine is to track your daily habits. This will help you see what routines you need to add to your daily to-do lists, which habits you’d like to do more or less of and most importantly it will allow you to live your life to the fullest. Schedule your habits and routine to work for you!

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