Productive Saturday

How To Have A Productive Weekend So You Can Have A Productive Week.

Having a productive weekend doesn’t just mean that you have to get all the things done that you don’t want to do. It means you are taking care of things that are most important to you.

Ask yourself this, what does a productive weekend mean to you? To me it means I took time to re-fill my cup, I spent some quality time with my family and I got myself organized for another week or month.  

A Productive Weekend While Prioritizing Your Self Care

A productive weekend means you’re organized, motivated, and in the right mindset to get things done. This means you’re practicing self-care, you’re reciting your affirmations and you’re ready to put that all together and enjoy your weekends and your life intentionally. 

How you can Schedule Your Productive Weekend

Get out your planners! Everything I just listed above will help you have a productive Saturday and weekend but what you also need are the tools to help you execute your weekend productivity plan. 

Using a planner (check out my print and create your own planners) will help you organize your to-do list and keep you on track for the week ahead. I like to always have a planner around so that when something comes up I can add it into my planner right then and there. If I don’t write it down or add it to a calendar I’ll probably forget it. 

How to be an organized working mom starts with a planner, I truly believe that. It’s so much easier to plan out your day if you see your to do list and appointments scheduled out. A working mom planner is a game changer for sure. 

Use a daily planner to schedule out the things that you want to get done like family time, cleaning, self-care or any events that you know are coming up. Setting your intentions with a daily planner like this one will help you prioritize your mindset and the things you need to do so you don’t have to overthink things or feel overwhelmed.

Having a Productive Saturday

We all look forward to our productive Saturdays, no alarm clock and it’s usually the day that you plan out hoping to get so much done, and yet, it’s also the day you can’t wait for so you can relax and enjoy some downtime. Saturdays are also the night when you want to get as many hours of sleep as you can since you probably don’t get enough sleep during the week. How do you balance it all out?

We all have that sleep debt we are trying to make up for on the weekends and that’s ok! You work so hard all week just waiting for that weekend to come so you can have a great time.  Especially with a working mom schedule, or a stay-at-home mom schedule, sometimes you just can’t find the time to get things done. These are some ways I have a productive weekend as a working mom.

On the weekends you want to be productive but you also want to relax and unwind. You want to catch up on sleep, leave your work life behind, and spend your weekends taking care of yourself. Of course, you also want to spend time with your family, get some cleaning done and prepare for a good week ahead. That’s a lot for one day, even two. 

Tips for a Productive Weekend

How to be Consistently Productive on the Weekends

The key to being consistently productive is to keep a good weekend routine. Research shows that most successful people wake up early. Well, if this is you that’s great, but if it isn’t and you just don’t see it happening for you, that’s ok too.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or you end up setting yourself up for failure. You know what’s best for you. We are creatures of habit and we feel better with good habits and an easy routine. 

As a busy mom scheduling your weekend and having a good routine will help you plan better and you’ll feel better just by knowing you have a plan. 

This doesn’t mean you’re going to make a plan for one Saturday and stick to it until you love it. You’re going to create a plan, see how it works, adjust it accordingly then come back and adjust it and try again. Once you’re happy with your new schedule then you keep it up consistently. 

It’s really the idea of planning your weekend so you can see what you’d like to get done and then creating a plan to get it done. 

Keeping a printable planner is key for me to schedule my day. I use planners for everything. I especially love using my daily planner printables and my free meal planning printable that includes a grocery list section. You can grab that in this post on meal planning. Planning my week and scheduling my life lets me see what my goals are and as I check off the items I feel great.

10+ Helpful Tips on How to Have a Productive Saturday

Plan out Your Weekend Ahead of Time

It begins during the week, plan your weekdays so that you can stay organized and keep planning your weekends. Saturdays shouldn’t be crazy busy, they should be a good combination of quality time and self-care along with some minor things that you need to get done. Like a bit of cleaning


Move Your Body Early in the Morning

Try to start your day by moving your body. Go outside and walk for a few minutes, do a workout or go for a job. Starting with some exercise in the morning will get you feeling good and you’ll be motivated to be productive. It might be hard to get moving early in the morning but trust me you’ll be glad you did once you see how productive you’ll feel on a Saturday morning. 

Don’t Leave all your Cleaning for the Weekend 

Unless you love cleaning, I suggest doing some during the week so you don’t need much time to catch up on the weekend. Do your bathrooms one day, dusting another, floors another. If it takes you less than a minute to clean something up do it right away so it’s done and your tidying won’t take you hours on the weekend. 

Your weekends should be relaxing and re-energizing. Keep your house tidy, do one big cleaning job a day during the week and you’ll be on track to keeping your house clean. 

Plan Your Upcoming Week on Sundays 

I love using Sunday night to plan out the week ahead, it makes me feel better prepared for Monday morning and set’s a good tone for the week. Planning out your week on Sunday lets you see everything you’re going to get done by the end of the week, you will feel more prepared and organized leading into your week and that feels good! It will also let you know exactly what your week will look like. 

Having a plan and being organized will feel good so that you’re not scrambling with the added stress of whether or not you’ve forgotten something.

Time Block Your Week

Time blocking is a huge way to save some time and make sure you stay productive. The thing with time blocking is that you have to be strict and you have to only focus on the thing that is blocked off for that time. Put your phone away, make sure you are only focused on the task at hand, and set a timer. You will be amazed at how much you will get done by time blocking.

Check out this post on time blocking and watch how amazing you feel once you make it a part of your routine. You can also grab a free time blocking printable over on that post.

Time Blocking Bundle

Take Time Out of Your Weekend for Self Care

This is something you have to plan out. Block off a couple of hours, an hour, or even 30 minutes dedicated to self-care. You should use this time to do a face mask, have a bath, touch up your tan, etc, anything that you do for yourself. Paint your nails, or give yourself a pedicure. 

Do something that will help you take care of yourself and make you feel good. If you need more ideas grab my free at-home self-care routine found in this post. 

If Something Takes a Minute or Less Do it Right Away

If you come across something that needs to be picked up or put away do it right away if it takes you a minute or less. This will help keep your house tidy and lessen your workload each and every day. 

A Few More Productive Things to Do on The Weekend

Plan Your Family Time 

It might sound silly but make sure you plan out some activities and things to do with your family. Sometimes life can get crazy and you might find yourself running around and feeling disconnected from your family. 

Plan that time out and stick to it. Things like an hour for board games, a tv show you will all watch together, some crafting time. Whatever your family likes to do, block that too, and make sure you stick to it. 

Get Your Family Involved

Let your family help you plan out your schedules. They’ll like being involved and it’s a great way to be sure you’re not missing anything that is important to them. Having them help you makes it a family thing and they’ll know what the day or days ahead look like too. 

Meal Planning has never been easier with this printable meal planning bundle. Print all the sheets out to create your own meal planning binder. Don’t ever spend time trying to figure out what’s for dinner again.

Meal Plan for the Week – Planner Template

Plan your meals for the week. If you’re looking for some help in this area check out my post on meal planning.

PlateJoy is also an amazing tool that helps you stay on track with your meals and gives you recipes and a grocery list for the week. It’s fantastic. They’re offering $20 off right now. Super easy and takes all the work out of planning your meals and putting together a weekly grocery list. They do that all for you.

Plan your week ahead. Do some things you don’t like on a Monday. Not on a Saturday. Ok, so this is something you don’t do on a Saturday but trust me, it’ll make your weekend better and more productive because you can crush something else on your list that you do enjoy. 

Meal Planning Template

Weekend To-Do List

  • Move your body
  • Get outside
  • Clear the Clutter
  • Plan your self care and social events
  • Plan your next week using a planner

Here is a Quick Example of a Weekly Cleaning Routine: 

Monday – Vacuum and clean bathrooms

Tuesday – Dust the house

Wednesday – Laundry 

Thursday – Mop the floors

Friday – Quick freshen up of bathrooms and floors. 

If you want to freshen up your cleaning routine with essential oil based cleaners check out Plant Therapy. Their line of cleaning products, self care products and household items are truly fantastic. It’s all I use in my home.

Productive Weekend Morning Routine Template

  • Exercise
  • Eat breakfast
  • Tidy Up
  • Family Time
  • Groceries
  • Outside Activity
  • Lunch

Productive Weekend Evening Routine Template 

  • Quick House Clean Up
  • Practice Self Care
  • Family Movie
  • Practice Affirmations and Journaling
  • Plan your Next Day

How to Enjoy Your Weekend

Unplug during family time and for most of your weekend. Make sure you take the time to connect with your loved ones, focus on the quality of the time, it’s way more important than the quantity if you spend the time and focus on them and the time spent. You’ll feel great and really enjoy the moment. 

  • Take time for yourself. 
  • Take Time for some Self Care
  • Breath, use your affirmations and mantras
  • Set your diffuser and relax with some of your favorite diffuser blends.
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Productive Weekend Quotes 

Feel Good about everything you’re going to accomplish today. 

Today is going to be a great day to get things done. 

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

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How to Have a Productive Weekend

In summary, having a productive weekend doesn’t mean you need to be busy. There’s a difference. Plan time for yourself, your family and the things you want to be doing. Scheduling your time and being aware of your mindset will change your life.

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